Saturday 24 May 2014

Blog Story #3 – Gotta Start Somewhere

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers 

This story has had some editing done to it, and it’s US English, though when I ebook publish it will go back to British.

You probably really need to read these in order

Gotta Start Somewhere

     It took around about the normal time it takes to end up in front of a urinal as it normally did when one had to wade through a crowd of people high on life, if not everything else. Their need to touch him as he pushed past would have annoyed the shit out of him if he weren’t in such a good mood, the fact that he was wearing a vest gave the men and women in the crowd something to hold onto as they tried to pull his ass into the mix.
     Legs shoulder width apart, Sean leant back slightly as he relieved himself, tilting his head back, letting the cool air that filled bathroom run up against his sweaty neck.
     “Fuck man,” a young guy said next to him, awe and want dripping from the syllables.
     Sean’s head went his way, giving the boy a once-over, ending with a scan of his face. Young and fresh faced, the kid was looking at Sean’s cock. Looking down at the meat in question, Sean finished his piss with a shake, feeling his heavy equipment thicken under the scrutiny of the boy, a tongue wet lips that wouldn’t look too bad around Sean’s cock, and he almost…almost turned his feet around, giving the boy what he clearly wanted—a chance to suck a real man.
     The boy looked up Sean’s body but never further up than his pecs. Sean knew the type; he wanted a hairy daddy to tell him what to do as he begged to be fucked by the fat cock Sean still held in his hand. And then, like all the other pretty boys that came before him, he’d bitch and piss shit when things were done, wanting Sean off him, because the sweat and the hair they so wanted all over them was gross.
     It was like Sean shouldn’t have a worry, like he shouldn’t have to be told by the man he was fucking that he was meant to leave, and the fact that he didn’t as soon as the other guy's come hit the sheets, meant they were allowed to bitch and drama the whole fucking night up.
     Sighing, Sean lost all interest as he pulled his pants up slightly, tucked his cock into his boxers, and fiddled with the hardness as he got himself lying just under the belt that rode low on his hips.
     Splashing his hands under water, and to the loud groans from what seemed like every male in the room’s disappointment, Sean wiped his hands on the side of his thighs and walked out of the room.
     Heat engulfed him. His shoulders shifted as he tried to ease his breath into the suffocating moisture that seemed to want to pull him down. Sean was sure it hadn’t gotten any hotter in the place, but that slight different in temperature seemed to make it nearly impossible for him to manage this climate.
     “I saw that,” James growled, his long fingers wrapped around Sean’s thick bicep as he swung him into the darker edging of the hallway.
     Sean found himself face first into the wall as long arms wrapped around his middle. James leaned into his back, that thin body a line down his spine, his teeth nipping almost painfully at Sean’s neck.
     Sean sighed, resting his forehead against the wall, it felt so good, even as his mind rebelled, Sean knew what this meant, new what guys wanted when they got him in this position, and it wasn’t a moonlit walk.
     Filling his lungs with air Sean realized he wasn’t going to go anywhere, not unless James let him, because no matter how fucking hard he’d been trying to deny his lust. Sean’s fucking crush on the other man from the moment they met meant that Sean had nowhere he needed to be and no one he wanted to see more than James.
     The fact that Sean’s heart was already beating in his throat, and his cock was trying to break out of the top of his pants, didn’t make it any easier for him to break away. Sean was done. He was here, and he’d do anything the other guy wanted, as he assured some manliness into his own mind. Because holding a guy like Sean against the wall like this only meant one thing. Rebound. A way to make the breakup feel like it wasn’t their fault. That whatever the excuses and horrid words thrown their way, they were men, and here he was proving that point.
     At least Sean could do this one thing for him, just one, as James smashed all the fun and greatness out of their friendship—outta his fucking life, and make sure by the end James knew how great he was. It wasn’t as if Sean wasn’t going to hear every bad word thrown at James, they all needed that, that one night to vent the hatred that had them rushing Sean’s way.
     Fingers curled into the hair between his pecs; another pulled lightly against the hairs against his hipbones. “How come you didn’t let the boy suck you?”
     Sean moaned, his ass shifting back, rubbing against a hard cock, though it wasn’t perfect, far from it, as James’ was trapped just as Sean was behind his fly, but at least they lined up well, even if James was a lot thinner than he.
     James words mumbled into nothing as Sean reached around, his large hand cupped James’ hip, getting a harder push of that cock as Sean made him ram right up against him.
     The hand that was playing near his hip went into his pants, not anywhere near his cock, which disappointed Sean for a second before James gripped onto his pubes as they turned into thigh hair and pulled hard.
     Sean bit his lips, moaning as every bit of common sense flew out of his head, while he pushed himself back into James. At this moment Sean didn’t care where he was, his asshole clenched, flexing with a need to be full. His cock throbbed in time with the music running through the floor. His whole body vibrated with a need to come.
     Holly shit, he was gonna come!

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