Monday 26 May 2014

Blog Story #4 – Gotta Start Somewhere

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

This story has had some editing done to it, and it’s US English, though when I ebook publish it will go back to British.

You probably really need to read these in order
Gotta Start Somewhere

“Fuck,” he panted. “Fuck. Stop. Stop!" But his hips didn’t stop rocking; the friction didn’t stop moving the skin around his cock-head as his erection exposed the sensitive head from its skin. The wet heat of pre-come, as well as his own sweat, making it a heated cocoon that wouldn’t have been half as stimulating if it wasn’t for that hardness lined up against his crack, rubbing, rocking. The base line beating across the floor. The darkness putting them in a different world. The fingers stroking, petting his hair, one along his pubic line, the other tugging, and rubbing his nipple.
     Strong fingers gripped his hip, digging in as hot air passed between them, cooling Sean in the wake of James’ body. Then James pressed his forehead between Sean’s shoulder blades and the world seemed to ignite. Color, sound, and people came back making Sean blink, as he looked around, wondering where he’d been. Not quite getting at the fact that it had all disappeared.
     Disappeared so completely Sean found his heart sinking to his knees as he realized that there was something good between them, if only Sean was James’ type, or just not a show of fucking manliness James didn’t need to prove.
     What the fuck had Tim said when they broke up?
      Oh fuck, like Sean gave a shit, he was that close he’d already toppled over caring, all he wanted was for James to pull down his pants and get on with it so that he could find relief. He didn’t care what he meant to James any more than what James meant to him. He just wanted, so fucking desperately, to get off.
     “Come on; just fuck me already so we can move on.” Sean’s words sounded like a taunt, but even he could hear the hurt underlining them.
     “What?” the word out of James’ mouth was more a puff of air and something Sean wouldn’t have even heard if it wasn’t for the lull in the music.
     With quick, strong moves, James gripped Sean’s arm and tugged him out of the fire door next to them.
     “What did you say?” James repeated as the heavy metal door clunked closed behind them, and James manhandled Sean up against the gravel concert walls these types of building liked.
     “What the fuck!” Sean spat as his elbow scraped against the unforgiving wall, the hairs against his lower back pulled as he shifted himself into a more comfortable position.
     “You said…”
     “Oh come off it, James.” Sean forgot everything else, pain in his arm, the blood in his cock and just sort of gave up. No one wanted a big man to whine, so it was safe to say James was about finished with him, which was sad, because Sean was getting into the idea of finally knowing what James felt like naked against him.
     James lifted a brow, just fucking one, as if he’d practiced it in the mirror to get that perfectly curved line.
     Neither of them spoke, but words threw around them. Slapping against Sean’s mind, waiting for him to talk, to finally spit out how much he hated these hook-ups. That he was getting too fucking old to be used and discarded. That his heart was all but a battered beat behind his rib cage. But he was a man, and men, especially big boys like him, sucked there shit up, pulled up there pants and just dealt with what the world gave them.
     Hell, men were meant to shift back, open there stances and let it come because they weren't meant to care about any fucking thing but what their cocks wanted.
     The stare broke him, or was it the fact that someone finally looked at him as if he wasn’t the outside package, that big hairy bear. Instead, James seemed to see something small and nearly used up, but because there was still something inside him, something fierce and hot the words snapped out of him.
     “Let’s face it James, you wouldn’t want to fuck me if it wasn’t for your breakup, so why don’t we just call it like it is and get it the fuck over with.”
     Sean went to get up; he didn’t have to deal with this shit. He didn’t have to stand here and take scraps of nothing from a man he thought better of. He didn’t need to justify what he felt or what he said. He didn’t have to do fucking shit!
     Hands grab at Sean’s head, keeping him still as his mind whirled round and round, screaming, shouting out its need to run. To get the fuck away from someone who could see through him.
     The lips that met Sean’s where rough, fighting him for something Sean wasn’t willing to hear. Teeth clanged, and a tongue soothed out everything as aggression pushed into James where he turned it into understanding, caring.
     Sean tried everything he could think of to keep the anger in his heart, around his head, but James took everything he got with grace and turned it into lovemaking. It was the nicest thing that had ever happened in Sean’s life and if it wasn’t for his cockhead rubbing against James’ sharp hipbone, he might have cried.
     As it was his brain had long since migrated below the waist, the spark that had been working its way along his nerves woke up again, shifting and turning around the base of his spine, making him want to rock, to gain more friction, to do anything to get that feeling to move closer. All the while tingling the top of his spin, causing a shiver to work its way over his scalp, giving him sensations he’d never felt before.
     Weak knees, throbbing cock, a mind that was so fucked up it wasn’t listening to anything but give give give, come come come, as he tried in vain to thrust up into James’s body. Even with the fact that his feet were braced open wide, his cock just wasn’t in a position to give him enough, no, he was stuck with a fucking tickle across his cockhead and a whole head of fuck behind it. 
     Then everything disappeared. Sean’s fingers gripped onto fabric, muscle, bones tight bringing James’ crotch in close, rolling them together, making them both moan, James' turning into a satisfied chuckle.
     “Tuck yourself in mate,” James said; that same overly confident tone lacing the words, it was fucking hot. James shifted himself up, adjusting, tucking and making that same grimace Sean was sure was on his face as he pushed his cock back into the tight confinement of his pants. Walking was going to suck.
     “You sure you don’t just wanna turn me over on this wall?” Sean patted said wall behind him, but even as he hoped and prayed, he knew it wasn’t going to happen, and maybe he hoped his prayers went nowhere.
     “Nah.” James looked around. “Gonna prove it ain’t smoke out my ass.” he finished, looking Sean straight in the eyes, allowing some depths into the words. 

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