Tuesday 13 May 2014

It Takes a Bit, but Fables is What’s Here

So it’s Tuesday and I thought, why not make this the day that I talk because the rest of the week is filled up with excerpts and so we wouldn’t get another chance at this until next week.
Now because the thoughts in my head it’s gotta happen, only I really don’t have a fucking clue what I want to say…
Maybe I should have actually thought up at least a little something before putting fingers to key, and in all honesty why haven’t I just ignored all these things I’m saying since clearly only I will know I’m thinking this, but, well, what’s the fun in that.
What’s the point of being this new me if I’m so quick to turn myself around and pretend what I wanted to do wasn’t something I thought up at all.
There’s one thing that’s being going through my head over the last couple of weeks, which has been fairy-tales. Mostly because Misty the Book Rat, who I still follow even though I generally don’t read heterosexual YA anymore, but I like her and I like her blog and her way of telling me about books, and mostly the YA books I have and want to read are based on her blog and what she says about them
Anyway, she’s not the point.
The point is she’s just finished up her annual Fairy-tale fortnight and it’s one of my favourite things in the year when she puts together all those fairy-tale books and what people have done with their re-writes, because like Misty I’m a fairy-tale fan.
So I thought I’d have a look at the m/m range we have for us and here’s what I found (ok so just the top 10 or something, since there are quite a lot)
·         Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane : Beauty and the Beast
·         Duck! By Kim Dare : Ugly Duckling
·         Cinder by Marie Sexton : Cinderella
·         The Pedlar and the Bandit King : Little Red Riding Hood (guess)
·         Ink and Paper by Megan Derr : Cinderella
·         Fugly by KZ Snow :  Beauty and the Beast (guess)
·         From the Ashes by Kayla Jameth : Cinderella
·         Brute by Kim Fielding : Beauty and the Beast (guess)
·         The Elf and the Shoemaker by ML Rhodes : the elf and the shoemaker
·         The Servant by Mary Calmes : puss in boots
As I look through the list and list of books that are all based on fairy-tails all I want to do is see if Misty would let me join in on the fun only in the m/m side of things.
Then I think about it and get the, holy-shit that’s a lot I have to get done while writing and because I know I’m no superwoman. I’m not saying ‘can’t’ or putting myself down here, I’m honest to God NOT a superwoman and I want to be an author not a blogger so it’s not actually something I’m going to do, but I absolutely love the idea of fairy-taleesk books. I love the idea of re-writing one, even as my minds doing that ‘your shit and can’t pull it off’ and so I’m at the point of thinking of telling my brain to go strew itself and doing it anyway, but what fairy-tale should I think about re-writing…
It’s not going to be Beauty and the Beast of Cinderella because as we see above those are pretty much done and nearly run to death. Or Little Mermaid, mostly because of the same reason, though they are in at the moment I don’t want to go up against all those other fairy-tales.
I feel like writing something forgotten in the way… but all I can think about is Disney movies, which I’m good with because I can read and watch them, but…
I’ve written a 60K YA fairy-taleesk book, that I actually want to get perfect and publish, though it’s mf, it’s Peter Pan mixed with a Welsh fable about fairies stealing people to dance for them. Which means that one’s out...
Snow white, to me just screams orgies, which could work but not really what I’m going for.
Huh, can’t actually think of anything else but that one at the moment.
Tick Tock, a few hours around the clock.
So it’s made, I’m going to be doing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or at least a modern contemporary version of this fable, which will not actually feature dwarfs but kids.
I’ve two ideas:
1)      That he’s a throwaway who gets really sick and a group of kids help him out only to be caught up in the kid his saved by’s business and in the end a best mate from his old life’ comes and saved him
2)      That a group of throwaway kids come to his rescue and nurse him back to health after a gang rape and this kid ends up being the prince that saves them.
But I’ve not really put that much thought behind it so well have to wait and see which one works better.  
Still I’ll write it up, most likely won’t be a long story as it’s just getting pushed into the folds, but I’m planning to do this one so I can get it published in April, either self or by a company. I haven’t figured that out yet.
Details… no point stressing over them until I actually have my hands on the finished work and I can see what I have before I try and work out where best to put it.

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