Monday 5 May 2014

The Meeting of N.J. Nielsen

I had originally put this as a ‘end note’ in my post on Wednesday only I ended up rambling on way to much, then I added the fact that I honestly didn’t know what I was going to talk about today, I thought this might be something you’re all interested in.
Or lose me a friend, hmm…
So, Sunday night thing in my life changed. I know, dramatic much, but if you follow me long enough you’ll see I’m like this a lot, especially when talking up things that were quite normal and simply.
Ok I’ll get back on topic, on Sunday I joined in on one of the, I’m going to say ‘Hug an Australian Day’ chat on Rainbow Gold Reviews, which was awesome, but sometime along the way NJ mentioned needing a beta reader and I put up my hand—a little too fast, if I remember correctly.
The thing is there’s has always been something about NJ that’s drawn me in, and I say this in that creepy love way that is meant to be taken light heartedly and not sound so creepy, but generally always does.
I have only ever read one book by her, um, When Souls Collide, which came from the MLR Press Father’s day anthology (collection?), I quite liked it, but it didn’t pull me into searching for others of her work and buying them all.
From that moment, I have followed her on her blog, and then asked to be her friend when I discovered facebook. I like the style in in which writes, or how she talks to the world, and I really enjoy the little updates she gives us from day to day.
I can’t say there wasn’t any communication between us before this point, but if anything I was a tiny blink in her world
Ok so I’m making this bullshit up, though I’m not saying its wrong, just a possibility of it not really being completely true.
So there we were in a group chat when she wrote a comment, I put my hand up without even a complete asking, I’m actually more sure of that now, and we started our friendship.   
I became her beta, and to start she asked if I’d read One Last Kiss Goodbye which I had actually bought a few months ago and just hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet.
I have read it, and not to stroke my own ego, I’m okay at it.
We talked about her awesome series she was thinking about writing and the fact that it actually holds one of my skill sets in writing that she doesn’t have (you know the gore people, like I’m anywhere near as good as her) and from there we decided that maybe it would be better if we wrote it together.
That’s about all I can say about it, mostly because that’s about all we know about it. Well not really, but it’s all I’m spilling. It’s defiantly going to be paranormal, and I’m sure a romance and a real one at that since she actually writes them, not like my attempt that turned into erotica.
Anyway, you’ll learn more about that probably around the time we know more, but I’m so excited to be working with her.
At least, I hope so, we have a test project at the moment, she’s helping me with and she’s like king of comments! But if we can come out of the other side of this still being friends than I think we’ll manage writing a series together. 
I have linked her up into my recommendations, but I’d urge you to go and check her out, by simply clicking here!!!

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