Saturday 21 June 2014

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #45

As I look upon this time I realise that I’m still not happy with how I’ve changed it, and for the fact that I sometimes have nothing to say, so I end up giving up this section completely. Which on the up side could be a better way to go.

But I’m going to be nice and give you a choice.
I could:
1)      Keep this up, telling you what I wrote over the time period and the numbers, if that’s what you’re truly interested in.
·         the reason that I had this option was because I didn’t speak about my writing any time but when I write this section once a week, but as we can all see that’s changed. And tho I don’t really mind giving you my thought, yet again, on what I have done as the weeks have gone by, I feel I’m mostly just repeating myself, and boring the shit outta the world.
·         If not I’ll crawl back under my bed and let it rest.
2)      Write a story, and I mean get you to pick one of my WIP to work on and write that one, showing you the steps. Even getting into editing when I get that far down the line
3)      Put up my memoirs. And I mean truly, you’ll get to see the thoughts of mine as I think back over my teen years – I’ve started this already, got, like 6k out of it, and I haven’t even finished off one simple day at school.
·         The thing with this one is I have no idea what you’ll learn about me, and sometimes you might desperately not want to know.
·         And I’m not really sure where I’m going. I just needed to vent a little and so I started them up, and quite honestly, I really don’t mind finishing.

So you have a think, and I’ll have a think, and if you have an opinion on what you’d like to see up here there share, if not that I’ll decide, easy as that.

So, this time away I have done… jack fucking shit.
Okay that’s not true. I have written a little, I’ve gotten caught up, come to a realisation and wrote a little more.
Thought and realised and now working out a plan for a different story
And done jack fucking shit.

Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting His Werewolf, wrote this week: 2,938

 “Oh fuck!” Adam screamed as Justin took that arch to nip at his neck and pull out his cock.
Justin’s chuckle was drowned out by a bang on the door. “Fire!”


  1. Personally, I like option 2. I can see why you are bored with option 1. But in 2, readers get to see behind the scenes a little. I recently beta read a book for an author and am very curious to see how things have changed after she got all her responses. Of course, I have months to wait on it.

    1. yeah... I quite like the idea of 2, I'm not sure how well it would work, like, you'll see it rough, and changed - do I line threw it when I get to a point... I'd have to have a big think about how detailed I get into the showing, but either way you'd definitely see the way it comes out, and I'd always explain how, and why, and what I changed as it goes one.