Thursday 12 June 2014

The Moonlit Wolves series

I’m not sure how much I need to say about this series, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it all there is about the series, but here we go with a quick rundown as this story arc starts to wind down.
I wrote a short blog story for Christmas 2011 and it blew up.
I loved the idea of the standing up werewolves.

Then came the fact that I wanted my series to be in Australia, which meant I needed a place that had pine trees, which isn’t as easy as you’d think, mostly because they aren’t native—like yeah you can find them here and there, but forest worth…

Why this mattered, I’m not sure. But it did, which lead me to Oberon. A bit under 2hrs from where I live, it’s out west, sitting just under the other side of the Blue Mountains’. We use to go down there once a year for firewood.

So we went for a visit one day, which my partner was off work, and my kids home (I think it was school holidays). This happened because I was talking about it for a while, and my sweet, loving partner told me he didn’t want me to drive down there, because of my shitness – we also went for a quick visit to Jenolan caves, which is going to be featured in a book later in the series.

Now, either the town itself has changed a lot from my memories, I think it’s because logging took away a lot of the old growth or a fire whipped them all out. I don’t know which, but it wasn’t a grown up as I remember, and so a lot of factors of the town and the trees around it are from my own imagination.

Next came the way I wanted to write the series.
I’m not really sure if I can really explain it, but I didn’t want the series to be filled with blood and violence. At least not on screen. Which meant that a lot of the bloody action in the book happens when the POV is blinded or knocked over?

The thing is I always thought it was a nice romance, I’ve been told that it’s actually quite gory, but hey I actually get what they are saying, and in a way I’ve made it a little but more violent because it’s not actually there and so you have to see it for yourself.

Its also written in a way that makes it impossible for you to read them as single stories and know what goes on, so please read them in order. Tho I’m more than sure you can miss book 1 if that type of kink isn’t work for you, and move on to book 2, tho you will miss out on who the characters are, the book itself isn’t the start of the series.

The first half of this series is a bit sketchy as I didn’t have a clear vision of how I wanted this series to sit, but by the end of book 9 most of the strings that are given should be closed, at least all the ones that can be without re-editing.

I hope to do what’s needed and to bring you something interesting across the next three books, even though they are actually the same story just from different points of view, and characters.

Now let’s look at the covers all lined up, because even though they are simple, and basically the same cover over and over, I effing love them!!

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