Wednesday 4 June 2014

Too Busy To Think

At the moment, as you know I’m writing my little fingers off.
I’m reading more than I should have, but it’s not hindering me in any way as Carol Lynne generally doesn’t. she’s one of those authors I love, not only because they write brilliant books, but because they let me write.
I can write while effing reading her books. Sometimes, her books help me work out plot holes or walls I’ve run into and for that she’s one of my fav’s.
I’m at this point that I would have maybe had a Cover Reveal up and running, but I’m going to being that on the 10th over on Mercy Celeste blog, which I’m looking forward to, and glad, even as just thinking about the post I wrote, makes me want to vomit.
But I did well, I saw the opportunity and I jumped for it, and hopefully I’ll get a few more people who have no idea who I am interested, or at least be someone they might look into in the future.
I'm also doing a giveaway over there as well, which is just like all others, but I'll link them up when things get closer, and on the day.
Anyway, it does mean that I’ll probably throw up the first excerpt before I do the cover reveal on book 6—though for all who follow, it’s like all the others (and I love it for that point), I quite like the fact that they are the same.
Anyway, I’m going to go back and write, have a good day everyone
And pist—it’s my birthday on Saturday!!

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