Monday 23 June 2014

What’s… um… happening…

I had a post planned for this one about writing what I’m passionate about, and the fact that I can’t put fingers to keyboard on plan. Also how stress makes me lose that passion and because of that I’m making it difficult for me to write, tho worse it means I’m going to have to work something out with my brain to get it moving again.
But as I re-read it all I’ve noticed that I’m a depression sort and so my first take for the week is to tell myself happy things, and demand I fucking listen.
What I can tell you is what I have planned for myself for the rest of the year, book wise anyway.
·         In November I’m self-publishing a novella Love Without Knowing It for the Movember charity, all proceeds through the month will be donated.
o   I’m planning on doing a cover thing next month along with asking for reviewers, and people to do a post or something to promote awareness of male health.
o   There’s also a massive thing I have with the pricing of this book, but I’m figuring it out too.
·         I want to finish this story arc for the Moonlit Wolves series, which is 2.5 books, but I’m giving myself to the end of the year to do this one
o   Protecting My Werewolf, Picturing My Werewolf & To Catch a Werewolf’s Attention
·         I’m going to be writing a short horror story, I’m not sure when this will happen but I’m getting to a point where it’s becoming impossible not to write it
·         And July marks the start of my co-authoring with NJ Nielsen – we will be starting our world building, characters, and how we are going to go about writing these, all so we can have all the information needed to start next year.
·         I’d also like to write a Christmas story to self-pub, or try and get into an anthology, not that I’m good at getting into these thing (I say after only trying twice)
Now let’s see if I’m able to do any of these
·         Oh, and I have something coming out, this will come to light on Wednesday
·         AND… I would like to self-pub Gotta Start Somewhere, which I believe, just needs a cover but I’ll have someone else give it a look before I declare it ready. This one will be free.
I’m hoping to get a Photoshop program and if I can find on an ebook creator that doesn’t need to be attached to the internet, tho that one I’m not so sure about. My brother-in-law is looking into that for me, so Im hooping to have it all installed by the end of the month.
If you aren’t aware I have a blog post on Rhiannon Wellman’s blog, there’s a free read on that from the boys in the Moonlit Wolves series. this short was meant to go into the back of book 5 before I was advised not to put them in there.
It’s telling you how the boys got comfortable with each other. this is an older creation of a story and I’m hoping I was able to update it enough, and answer some questions that you might have had – question you were never going to get from the series itself.  
Anyway, if you wish to check it out here’s the link.
And lastly, I’m going to be on Team Taste the Rainbow blog hop in July, that is I am if I’ve managed to sign up to it the right way.
The way I see it, it’s for the community and to help celebrate Loose Id’s 10-year anniversary, which is all exciting.
If I haven’t and I remember I’ll join in anyway, I just won’t be linked like the others. Anyway, if you want to learn more, click here.

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