Saturday 5 July 2014

A Repeat Moonlit Wolves Side Story

I’m not really sure if you have all read this or not, but if it’s going to be in the wide world, I’d like at least one part of it to be attached to me blog, so here’s a short story that was meant to go into the back of one of my stories. And will most definitely get there when I get the rights back, whether I keep them with the company or not.
Anyway, this story had been updated to fit somewhere between book 5 and 6 and it’s just them talking about the boys and how they got so comfortable with each other.
I hope it works, and that it fits and that I haven’t messed it up completely. I know low self-esteem, but I’m nearing the end of book 7 which tends to have me questioning if I’ve done enough.
So, without anything else to add, here’s the short story as seen here!
Special Side Story: On the Couch with Dr Collins
“So, boys, tell us your story,” Eamon asked as he fitted his arm on the back of the lounge Chris and he were sitting on. Eamon in one corner, Chris curled into his side.
“What’s to tell?” Gene spoke up. This wasn’t a surprise. Gene definitely was their mouthpiece, though Eamon still wasn’t sure if it was a chose or his own personality, or if he just liked the sound of his own voice.  
“We both know there’s a lot,” Eamon replied. There was no way he wasn’t going to get this information. Not with how patient he’d been over the months as he let them get comfortable with him.
He’d been okay with leaving it be for the time being, mostly because as far as Eamon was concerned, gaining Chris’ trust had been number one priority. 
Number two, had been getting the other boy comfortable and settled into their new home. He wasn’t sure if they had realised how difficult it had been for them to move.
Eamon had understood on a professional level, and he treated them as such which amounted to not going for the big guns first off. First was settling down, getting comfortable, and gaining some form of trust, before dealing with the big issues. Most of the time, the patient didn’t even know that the problems that needed the most work where generally buried under the crap they came to him for in the first place.
The room had stayed silent for a long time. None of the boys were looking at him, nor were they looking at each other, which had something tighten up in his chest. Maybe this wasn’t the right moment for him to learn this. 
No, this was the moment. It wasn’t a hard topic, and though they hadn’t seemed as caught up in the past as a lot of kids who had been abandoned by families, they had quite honestly seemed well-adjusted young men, until he’d had them move out of their home and into his.
He’d just made the suggestion; he’d not forced them into it. Quite honestly, he’d have loved to have had the house to themselves, but they had been men, and men need their own space which wasn’t something that was ever going to happen in the house they had been living in.
The moving had shown Eamon the small and large moments of abandonment. They hadn’t trusted him to keep them, even when it seemed most of the time that they couldn’t see themselves anywhere else, as if they’d all jump off a cliff if he’d so pointed in that direction. But those sudden moments of not being where they were, of feeling the slightest bit open and exposed had spoken of pain in the past that was just waiting to explode in their faces.
Yet, those moments weren’t the ones he wanted to talk about, he understood those, he understood the need to be able to trust someone who stood as a father figure and be scared out of their minds because the past hadn’t been kind to them.
This wasn’t what he was curious about though, he understood the abandoned kind, and he’d dealt with that in the past, not only from his late partner, but also with patients that had come through his doors. He’d handing those moments when they came up, and he continued to prove that to them what they already knew—he could be trusted, and he was here to stay.
What he wanted to understand. What he wanted answers to was the comfort these boys had with each other. It was a lover’s relationships, a friendship, a family vibe that cuts through the first one, and made him double think his own intuition.
He knew there was a story to be told, and he was past curious, he wasn’t going to let them out of this room without knowing what had gone one with them, there origin story.
Eamon cleared his throat, he’d let the silence hold for far too long, and then held back the smile that wanted to break through as he watched ever man in the room shift.
“Come on guys, I’m dying to know this,” Tim said hitting him mate Colin on the thigh with his foot. The boy was laying in the middle of the lounge room, it might not have been his first choice but they were packed full tonight. Three large lounges with twelve people stuffed into it.
It wasn’t until these moments that Eamon truly understood how small his lounge room was.
Eamon, Chris, Adam, and Colin sat on his lounge, Tim laying on the flood in front of Colin. Brad and James cat corner on another lounge with Kyle on the floor between Brad’s legs, Gene in the middle of him, shifting around like Eamon had never seen him do before. The last held Phil, Craig and Matt, Jex sitting on arm, holding himself up with the back of the lounge.
Matt threw a pillow across the room at Colin, his lounge had no one from, what Eamon had learnt, the original group.
“Talk bastard, we are all beyond curious.”
“You more than anyone, right Matt, always left out,” James said, making that pout sound that might have been him replicating Matt’s past self.
“Fuck yeah, I became this from needing to know, and I still haven’t learnt fucking shit.”
“You’re still not old enough,” Gene said from his lounge, a laugh lining his face.
“Fuck off arsehole, I’ve more than grown, you wanna see?” he started getting up, his hands going to his file.
“Trust me, kid,” Gene muttered as Jex put his hand on Matt’s shoulder and pushed him back into the seat. “We’ve all seen what you’ve got.”
“Plenty of times,” Adam muttered softly from next to Chris, them both sitting in the same spot.
“And most likely again tonight sometime,” Tim said, blushing on the floor when he must had realised he’d spoken out loud.
“You’re probably right, you are a massive bunch of voyeurs,” Matt quipped as he settled back.
“When the porn is free, who wouldn’t be,” Kyle put on, and Eamon had enough.
“Back on topic boys,” he said in his, what they called it, his alpha voice.
“And what was the topic?” Gene asked making Eamon narrow his eyes at the man.
“When did you guys first fuck?” Jex said and it surprised Eamon, though he’d learnt in that direction Jex either knew more, or had observed more than he had, which, knowing his past as much as he could—which wasn’t much—he gathered learning those connection people had with others came second nature to him.
A few of the men in the room gasp, some he was sure because they hadn’t thought of that, other because they hadn’t thought they were that transparent. Though Eamon had learnt that way because of the things they had said, and though he’d second-guessed himself a time or two, had they truly believed they’d never mentioned it, spoken about their relationships as if everyone already knew about it?
“It’s not really that interesting a story,” Gene said as he looked around. “Where’d we even begin?”
“The start would be a good place,” Tim spoke up, making Eamon realise he wasn’t half as interested in the story as some of the other men in the room.
“Date or conception?” Gene said.
“Gene,” Eamon sigh over the name, getting over the tight-lipped they had, and finally they were getting to the story, if only they’d actually fucking start.
“Conception it is then,” he smiled, but Eamon could see the look, that moment he needed to make sure Eamon wasn’t mad at him. It was one of the weirder side effects of him being, well, whatever he was to these men.
Gene puffed out a huge breath, “Well if I remember correct, Colin and I were in my family’s basement—”
“It didn’t start there,” Kyle cut in. “Though Gene’s family’s house did have a fucking basement, which was awesome and all ours. We had a flat screen, Foxtel, PlayStation, lounges, and a mini fridge.” He listened off almost
“If it didn’t start there, where did it start?” Eamon asked, holding onto his patients, he could wait out the best of them, but it was becoming a struggle, maybe he should have just tied Chris up, and asked him, at least then Eamon would know he’d get what he wanted, especially if he rewarded answers with a firm downward strike of Chris’ favourite flogger.
“With James,” the boys said from the main group, turning everyone’s head to the man in question.
“Well I it actually started with Adam,” James said calmly. out of everyone in this house, James was much more like Eamon then even he thought, just because he didn’t classify himself a dom like Eamon had been for years, he definitely was an alpha to the point of, if he put on leather and started bossing people around no one would question his right to do that.
“Huh?” that came from Adam, apparently as in the dark with that as the rest of them.
James smiled, but seemed to kindly ignore the other man. “You see Adam and me were the same. We had always had the answer never the question type, but unlike Adam it didn’t scared the shit out of me when I finally understood the questions I that went with it. One day Adam said something to me, and it had me realising I could help him, so I came out to the group.”
“You did that for me?” Adam asked a little teary.
“’Course, mate, that’s what friends are for.”
“Anyway…” Gene went on, breaking up the softness of the mood. “Colin and I were in the basement,” he repeated—very clearly repeating himself. “We were watching, God, some form of porn, and well, like all males do, we thought, well… why not.”
“You see,” Colin put in, as if he needed to explain, which Eamon found funny, considering the group he was talking to. “Justin told us he was gay and so we had these moment of… I don’t know, wanting to understand our mate, so it wasn’t that far a stretch to try that out with a mutual hand job.”
Gene laughed. “I like how you felt that needed explaining.”
“Fuck ya,” Colin chuckled. “Anyway there we were getting off in the niceness of each other hands when James came trampling down the stairs.”
“Oh, man, you heaps better at telling a story then me,” Gene said a smile on your face.
“Who’d have thought?” Kyle quipped.
“Fuck off, man, I can open my mouth and words come out, don’t mean I can tell a fucking story.”
“So…” Colin looked pointedly at Gene, “Down comes James, and if I’m remember right, both Gene and I freeze. Our hands on each other cock, the soft moans coming from the telly we’d been looking at, maybe not seeing, but definitely trying not to notice what we were doing, or how fucking right it felt.
“James paused, I believe,” Colin looked at James who shrugged, apparently, this was becoming a story of a memory, which was fine by Eamon, sometimes things told this way revealed so much more. Hell, it was a great way to learn truths.
“Yeah, he did, it was pretty dramatic,” Gene said with a massive smile. “then the bastard walked casually over to the second lounge, moved the fucking thing around so it was facing us, sat, raised an eyebrow it that arsehole manner of his, then motioned us to continue as he put his hands behind his head and settled in.”
“And of course we did,” Colin said his eyes looking into a distance they weren’t privy to, a past that seemed to have been a happy memory.
“Then you all started fucking.” Tim said into the middle of it all.
Colin laughed. “No. we jacked off, came, and then went on as if nothing had fucking happened. In all honesty it took me the longest to come to turns with the fact that I was gay.”
“I fought it the hardest. The next time we were bored and pulled out the porn was, I believe a week later, and it started again, only this time James started rubbing at Gene’s crouch, and the man went fucking wild.”
“It was fucking hot.” James nodded.
“He went quickly, yelling something about only wanting a man’s touch from then on, and that snapped Adam out of, whatever it was he feared.” Colin ended simply.
“The next time,” Adam said before the quite even registered. “I was on my knees sucking James off.”
“And the time after that Colin was suggesting James fuck him,” Kyle laughed.
“Oh, man it was hot,” Chris moaned, his hips shifting forward. “Then I wanted a turn, luckily we were all fucking young and James can fuck like a fucking machine—hey!” he jumped forward rubbing at his side as he narrowed his eyes at Eamon.
Eamon gave a pointed look, “What he can.” Eamon growled, there was no way he was able to keep his jealousy under wrapped, and it was as the first sound came out that Eamon saw the challenge in Chris eyes.
“So what happened after that?” Tim asked, pulling Eamon out of his staring match with Chris, one that was most likely challenged to get Eamon to pick Chris up and take him off to punish, but what Chris like to forget, he wasn’t an evening dom, and he definitely wasn’t going to let his sub call the shots.
“Well we it took a bit but we all got into it eventually, but like I said, I would dunk my dick but I hadn’t called myself gay until we started to see the bruises on Chris’ body.”
The boys settled, the mood turning serious.
“Kinda hard to hide when we spend a big fucking deal of our afternoons naked together.” Gene tried to lighten it, and though it didn’t fall flat, it still didn’t lighten it that long.
“So we had to make a decision. The other guys at school were started to give to get loud, parents were starting to notice.”
“So, wait,” Tim said sitting up. “When did you guys become werewolves?”
“Oh, that happened, what maybe a weekend of so before we started wanking each other off,” Gene told them all. “Matt happened just before the orgies started,” he laughed.
“Then what happened boy,” Eamon asked, getting to the information they truly needed to talk about. even if this time it was only the facts.
James sighed, “We decided we needed to do something. Not only did we fear for Chris’ life, even though he kept telling us it was nothing. The rest of us were getting backlash from our parents, and my parents were starting the threaten to come home and straighten him out.” he laughed, it wasn’t a nice sound to hear. “I’m not even sure they came home when I didn’t.”
“When Adam rocked up to our house, bleeding and hurt, we made up our minds, grabbed what we needed, and left.”
“So none of you actually kicked out.”
“Nope,” they all said together.
“But you all fear that either were going to be or you lives would have been at risk.”
“Probably not mine,” James put in, “but that’s beside the point. We left because we had no other fucking choice.”
“And where did you go?”
“I have money, man, lot of it. If I were to look I’d put money on then still putting money in my account, paying me off for fucking off,” he sounded bitter.
“We couldn’t get a house though,” Colin said, “that came from one man needing some manual labour and finding a bunch of kids he was willing to take a chance with.”
“How old were you all?” Eamon asked, his arms already settling around Chris the moment they spoke of his boy being put in harm’s way. He knew this before this moment that home life hadn’t been the funest for Chris, but he still didn’t like hearing about it.

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