Monday 28 July 2014


The thing is I need some, big time.

I have this little thought after I submitted a short story to yet another publisher, and as that wait set in, I thought that maybe my rejection affected me more than I realised.

Which I’d like to say, isn’t all that surprising, I’m very good at not seeing what’s plainly obvious to everyone else. At least not when it’s pointed to me.

I just can’t seem to get motivated to write. I had a pretty good run when I realised I needed to re-write Moonlit Wolves book 7 that’s now turned into nothing…

I had a good run when I started my blog story, and that’s turned to nothing…

The thing is I really need to publish something because I really need the money from sales, so that I can buy a picture for cover art and maybe even an editor, as the one I’ve been using is extremely busy. But saying this I don’t really need it done so early, I just want it so that I can give out a few arc’s and see if I need a different editor.

Anyway, not the point.

The point is that I don’t seem to have much motivation for writing, it’s come to that point that I’m again telling myself that there’s no point me continuing as an author since I clearly can’t actually write anything but what’s already out.

The thing is I seem to have no energy, and even when I do it’s fleeting, I thought it was just lack of iron, but I’ve taken my tablets and seemed to have tumbled into sickness. Nice of my body and all, but it’s winter, even if it seems like a hot one where I live, it’s still cold and it’s still a time when they float around, so it’s not that surprising that I would have caught something. I just wish it would let my write.

I want to write. My head clogged up, full of things that need out, and yet I can’t. I can’t….

What I have done, though, is signed up for 2 events, and one author highlight.

I’m only positive about the first one, and I’m in the author highlight (I’ll explain in a bit), and 1 is still in the wind, and I’ll either hear back or I won’t, but it’s the point of needing to keep putting myself out there, and being in people’s faces without smashing my books there.

The Highlight one will actually happen around November, which is the time I asked for as I’ve got this awesome book I want to promote –not even the end of July and I’m nervous as all hell for you guys to read it (huh, maybe this is my problem…)

The first two are just giveaways, and maybe a chat in at least one of them, I’m not 100% sure what I need to do for them, but I’m sure I’ll get an email that will explain it all.

More info on the first sentence: I’ve submitted Gotta Start Somewhere to Mischief Conner for the short story sub call. I’m not sure if it’s what they are looking for, but at least there terms are a lot broader, and so I’ll’ve heard back from them by now or I will in the next couple of days.

Fingers crossed, because I know it reads well, and I know it’s a good story, it just might not be what anyone’s looking for. I think if it doesn’t get in here I will just forget it ever happened, and self-pub it, though there has been thoughts of expanding it, or adding another short to the story itself.

Anyway, It’s all for the sake of my own head, trying not to be to hopeful that I’ll get in.

I also have decided on my cover, I’m not going to bother with a cover comp, as I love the people in this one, and I think it’s simple and perfect. I may have a pic from these three, but it’s not that hopeful. The biggest thing I’m finding with it not wanting to spend too much time on it as I can’t buy the photo yet. But I think I need to make it even if it’s water marked so that I can send out some emails for that. May as well get it all out together and I can stress about it all at the same time.

Anyway, that’s it, I didn’t plan on talking this much, but apparently I need it.

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