Saturday 19 July 2014

My Sexy Saturday

just so we are all aware, though I’m sure it isn’t going to matter, but this scene is m/m as I’m a gay romance writer, I’m going to try and join in this hop every week, but I’m not sure it’s going to actually work as I don’t know if I have that many scene.

Anyway, the hop starts here, so check it out and see who else is participating

This one is for shifters, as the theme for week 50 is sexy howls; I’m going to be taking this scene from my Moonlit Wolves series, book 3, Seeking My Werewolf
This scene is around the start, it’s showing the frustration Phil is feeling from not being with his mate

He wished he could just leave it alone as he slid his hand from top to bottom, wincing at the burn and trying to get himself to care enough to spit on his hand so he wouldn’t rip off yet another layer of skin he couldn’t really afford to lose.
   His hand moved as his mind tried to bring up his usual images of the porn he watched to masturbate, but it was like watching two chicks getting it on. All tits and pussy without a moment of lust. Kinda like when he realised chicks didn’t do it for him. Only these images were of double penetrating, and that was fucking hot.
   When it had felt as if he’d been pulling at his cock for years, he took in a deep breath and decided that he really needed to move this shit on. He hated that his mind forced him to do this. Hated it even more that the closer it got to the full moon and the more his beast was riding him, the hornier he got. It was truly the reason he couldn’t leave it anymore. His werewolf would fuck him up if he didn’t release the build up his body was creating.
   Spitting on his hand and moaning softly on re-contact, he felt the slick heat wrap around the abused meat and soothe it in a way that had nothing to do with sex.
   His mind went with the exhale and he magnified the image of the male that had started all this. The hunter, his mate, kneeling down in front of him, a sparkle in his eyes as he looked up, watching Phil’s reaction as he took in the head of his cock.
   Heat magnified through his body, boiling his skin, causing sweat to trickle down his spine and across his brow. His heart picked up as his mind imagined what his mate would look like with his lips stretched around his cock. A low moan slipped free. Fingers dug deep into bark. His body bowed inward as the muscles in his arm wanted to seize with prolonged use.
   Just a bit more, he chanted as he imagined the wet hand around his dick as a mouth. Shit substitute, but he needed to come so badly that it didn’t matter. It was all or nothing and the nothing was going to tear his skin off his bones.

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