Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Rest of the Year

So, it’s the midway point of the year and I feel like I’ve failed miserably.
Ok, so a little over, but let’s not quibble over a few weeks.
What I’ve managed to do this year, just so we can all see, and maybe I can gain some insight.
·         Wrote 2 short stories
o   Both got rejected from the anthologies I submitted them too. One for more reasons than the other and the other I used for a blog story
·         Wrote 2  and a half Moonlit Wolves stories
o   And realised the series didn’t have any direction. Changed that direction and floundered about how to make it work. Figured that out only to realise I couldn’t write a book a month, mostly because I can’t write like that, I can’t focus solely on one series.
·         Edited & Published 6 books
o   I’d like to add on the first one, my free one, but I actually did all that the year before. It was only difficulties with the program that had that one out in 2014.
·         And I’ve promoted – I’m adding this one, ‘cause it’s a point I should celebrate as I think I did a good job of it.
So let’s talk what I’m planning on written by the end of the year, so that when it’s all done I can come back here and really see how bad I went.
Need to:
·         Finish Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting My Werewolf 
o   This I hope to finish by the end of the week. I’m not hopefully as I’ll be doing it of a night while I do the list of other things I’ve gotta do, and always have to, when coming out of a huge chunk of depression.
o   I’m hoping for a September release
·         My horror short, write, it’ll be around 6K and I’m going to spend the money for outside editing to see if I can work with someone – I’d like to use it as a sort of trial, but I really want to it out for October, naturally.
·         Get my November release published.
o   This needs cover art, and all the other things that wrap around that.
o   I also need to send out email asking if others will help promote me.
·         Book 8 & 9 of the Moonlit Wolves series
o   This will finish my arc and therefore wont.
o   I have to figure out the details of the whole series as I’ve changed not only the lay out but how many I’m writing (30 books, if you’re interested) and what I want where, as well as what I want out of the smaller arc
§  This will also have me needing to work things into the first arc, which you’ll end up seeing when I get the rights back.
o   This means, that I also have to figure out what I want to do, and how I want the rest of them to go – stay, write what I can, and publish when I can, and get the rights back slower, or stop at this number and have it all back together??!
§  I’m more inclined to the first one
·         See if I can get a Christmas Story, to put in an anthology, if one comes out.
·         And/or fix up my Moonlit Wolves shorts and see if extasy will publish that as a Christmas special.
o   Only that too, is a problem as I don’t want them to be anything more than deleted scene and not short stories, and I want them to stay that way, only extasy doesn’t like that because, well they aren’t short stories…
That’s it; it’s all I plan on doing this year. I’m hoping to do a lot more but I’m going to let things fall where they do, because after book 7 and my horror book I plan on writing something from a different series, or just a standalone...
But who cares, it’ll be something and I’ll figure that out when I get to is and not before, because what’s the point in over thinking shit that might not even happen.
Thanks for the time, I might not tell you that much, mostly because I find that one line, that I love so much, lessons the whole post when you’ve just gotten off the phone with a telemarketer – if you aren’t clued in, they use that line too.
But thanks, I mean it, from the bottom of my heart!

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