Tuesday 26 August 2014

Cover Beauty #1

I’m trying something new, hopefully, switching between this event and the other every Tues, I’m just getting bored of the former I’ve been doing this for over a year now and feel something fresh.
I hope you guys like the idea
I do believe this was one of the first cover art buys (in the m/m world).
I can’t remember what the reasons were, but I know there's a reason I never forget it.
Artist Ginny Glass
Gasp! by ZA Maxfield
Jeff Paxton came home from Afghanistan looking for roots. Instead his pregnant sister talks him into a job babysitting the volatile megastar Nigel Gasp. Nigel is stubborn, needy, and determined to be the center of attention everywhere he goes. Before long, Jeff realizes that something is bothering Gasp, and that keeping him out of trouble might be more difficult than he thought.
Nigel never planned on getting old. He simply assumed a hard drinking, hard partying lifestyle would take care of that. Now that he's turning forty, he's depressed and a little bit desperate. To Nigel, forty seems like a fine age to deposit his DNA and check out while he's still on top.
The last thing Jeff needs is to fall in love with Nigel Gasp. The last thing Nigel expects is a whole new reason to live. But how can Jeff put down roots with a man who is never in the same place twice?
Love can be shocking. Gasp

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