Wednesday 6 August 2014

Its Wednesday, right?!

I started Moonlit Wolves #8: Picturing My Werewolf last night. I was only able to write a handful of words but I have the story idea now that I didn’t have before, and you know what, I’m horrified of myself
I thought, simple, just get us though Protecting My Werewolf, and then the next 2 will just be fluff pieces, ones to get me through the end of this arc and get my boys all hooked up.
Then I was talking to… I believe Cathy  L. who brought me up to date on the fact that I sort of just… forgot Terry, that he was there for a moment,  he had a point, a part in the series that just, went, nowhere.
So, from that moment book 9: To Catch a Werewolf’s Attention got a body, a plus sized one, that’s now going to be the longest time frame of all the books in the series.
Book 9 now has a full back-story. In the mind of Terry, from that moment he sat on the other side of a door in the dark as his dad and his recently dead brother’s boyfriend talk about the fact that they’d broken up and that his was a werewolf, with the point being that Kyle was more than sure one had killed his brother.
To when the first met the bartender, Jack, maybe…
I do know that this one is going to be about healing. Not only Terry who is going to have to come to terms with the fact that even though he forgave the boys for being what they were he hadn’t forgiven werewolves in general. and now he has a fresh one who is going through all sorts of hell because he is one now (a fresh one, so excited about writing that).
This one is going to be horribly moody I think, and I’m going to bitch so much about it, I can tell you that now. Moody, mushy, and so much about sweetness that the other books just can’t come close to, not in my mind. 
So that’s settled, book 9 is going to be something important, but that still left book 8 as a fluff piece, about finally getting what he wanted, maybe something like book 6, short sweet, to point.
Until yesterday. Fucking yesterday and my mind going wild as I suffer from bullshit and sickness. But it went and gave me a story, and it’s awesome, and it runs in line with what this series means to me – a 'you bitch, but can you do better', thought.
Now, Picturing my Werewolf is going to be about spousal abuse. It’s going to be in the way that date back to his parents, that whole fat kid syndrome kind of thing, thinking you deserve what your living threw because you’ve been beaten to a point that this is normal.
This book, is actually going to be weird, to me, I don’t know if it will even have a sex scene in it, not unless I can pull back my thoughts a bit, or allow myself to not take too strong a point on this one and leave that to another story I’m writing, in another book.
This one is from something I’ve read, actually it’s been a lot of something’s I’ve read and it’s irritated me. and like with all the books in this series, my fan-fic to a point of if I hated it so much, if I want to bitch, if I want to rant, then I’ll do it on the page by seeing if I’d make those same mistakes, if I’d turn down those same roads. If I’d made them seem the same way as those books I’ve read and were highly irritated by.
I can’t honestly tell you if I have done and good job or not, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d even be sure because the stories are tropes, everyone in romance has written these parts before, there’s nothing different, not from the storyline, but maybe from my perception, maybe from my writing style.
Again, I don’t know, I’d have to remember what book they went up against and find someone to read them side by side and tell me what they thought, to deconstruct our story telling of the same story and how they both played out.
But then that’s not really the point. It’s not the point in fan-fic to write something better than what was there originally; the point is to see what you could do with the same lines, or with the same characters, as I believe most fan-fic’s are shippings. Were as mine are troupes, and with that I can only continue writing what I do, and hope it’s new, or different, or… just the fucking same.
Anyway, I’m off to do a complete re-threw of Love Without Knowing It, so I can send if off to someone to have a look and see what he has to say before I decide what’s next.
Thanks for this time of yours, I really appreciate it.

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