Saturday 23 August 2014

#MySexySaturday (6)

Welcome to the 56th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week, we’re wondering what happens after you say THE END. What happens to your wonderful characters that you’ve created? Do they retreat silently into the sunset? Do they get more exposure in the next book of your series? This is our thoughts on what happens to those special characters once the story appears to be over.

You’ve seen these characters. They are the founding couple of a pack, an investigation unit, a rag-tag bunch of soldiers out to save the universe. These are the ones readers can’t get enough of and want to know what happens to them even if they aren’t the couple in the forefront. Share with us those sexy couples and let us know how their happily-ever-after stacks up against the rest of those couples out there.

You want to learn more, with the rules and linky click here, but it’s basically a number 7 game.

This snipped come from my couples in book 1 Jex and Matt. it’s a free read, which I used for promotion for the series, you want to see it, click here. my characters are all very involved in the story itself as it goes on, and this deleted scene came out of book 4, if you’ve read the series you’ll understand what part I mean *wink*

“It makes me feel all gooey inside to see you smile like that. Knowing it’s all mine gets me hot as hell,” he whispered a breath away from Jex’s lips and his back arched at the scrap of whiskers against his upper lip.
“Gooey?” Jex tried to make it a joke, not being able to deal with the softer sides of love. 
“Oh, yeah,” Matt moaned theatrically. “It’s like melted lava inside me, mate.”
“So you’re a cooked marshmallow?” Jex muttered between the light kisses Matt was giving him. He needed more than the teasing. Already his skin heated, his cock throbbed. He hated the teasing. Jex needing more…rubbing, thrusting, harder!
 “Cooked Marshmallow?” Matt pulled back, apparently, finally, thinking around his own dick to what Jex had said.
“Shut up man,” Jex’s laughed. “Am I meant to think with my cock this hard?”
Matt burst out into laughter. Jex shifted back, as Matts weight shifted onto his knees, he’d straddled Jex sometime during the kiss.

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