Saturday, 20 September 2014

#MySexySaturday -- 10

Romance is week 60’s theme, the couples that seem to have it all. The ones that jet-set around the world, drive the nicest cares, live in the coolest houses. Well… this theme isn’t necessarily about them…but it could be.

There point is romance happens, and there’s some examples, but I’ve copied word for word enough in this post.

Now to think, think, think, but I have nothing. none of my books are of people who are sickingly in love right from the get go, and definitely not jet-setting off anyway, because that cost money which they just barely have. mostly, though, they aren’t the description because I’ve never written what would be considered a full story, or a follow up to any of the stories I’ve written, so here’s another sappy scene I managed to pull outta my head.

“You run and I will follow,” he mumbled. A fierce love shone from his eyes, and if Dan hadn’t been a breath away from coming, he was sure he’d have started to panic just from that look.
That look spoke of possession, love, lust, and everything else in the whole wide world just given from Gene to Dan without anything in return.
Dan panted, his chest tight around the beating of his heart. The need to return everything Gene gave him was strong, too strong for Dan and he let that tidal wave of emotion rumble out of him, giving Gene everything he could, even if he’d have to turn around and get it all back. For this simple moment, he let Gene see him.
And Gene looked back, calm as fuck, a smile that made Dan’s eyes spring tears that seemed to burst something inside Gene as he spilled a hot run of come against Dan, and without a second thought, Dan’s orgasm poured out of him, too, marking Gene just as thoroughly as Gene was him.
He fell forward, letting Gene take his weight, knowing the other man wouldn’t mind.
“You run and we’ll see how long you keep this body away from me,” Gene said softly, fiercely, rubbing his hands up Dan’s back, squeezing his shoulders in a tight hug. “You stay here, with me, and I’ll protect you from everything.”
“Everything?” Dan asked, his voice sounding like a child’s as he looked up onto Gene’s face, their breaths mixing, their eyes looking. The only thing in the world that seemed to matter was each other.
“From everything.”

And onto the pimping and other random fact linked to this hop

The Rub of My Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #6)

Finally free, can Dan make the right decision, not only to keep himself alive, but to keep the man he loves?

Running for his life, in the literal sense, Daniel never thought he’d run into his ex-lover, the one he’d walked away from, forever, but that’s exactly what happens—or is it more Gene running into him?
As Gene tries to catch Dan and get him to realise they are better together rather than apart, he’s got to battle a very real enemy—one that’s been chasing them from the beginning.
Maybe it’s time to end this. Maybe it’s the time to show Dan what he needs to see by standing beside him and showing him he’s willing to do anything for the man he loves.
But this is only the start. Let’s just hope they’re pointing themselves in the right direction.

Note: it’s highly recommended that you read this series in order

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  1. Wow. That was really well written. The connection, the sexual tension, the love. It is all there, good post!!

    1. 😍 thanks. It has been said that is is my best written of the series.