Wednesday 10 September 2014

The Price of …

Again, this was meant to go up yesterday, I had the file sitting up waiting for me to put words down. Something interesting, and probably poorly constructed. It was meant to be anything but me saying I did nothing.
Unfortunately, yesterday, other than a load of washing I did NOTHING.
I told myself I would finish my horror story because I want that out in October and the early the better, so it needs to get done so that I can get it finished, edited, and then formatted.
And so that file was up too. Two lonely file sitting on my computer telling me what needed to be done, and I just stared. Flicked threw facebook. Stared some more. Read. Stared.
It wasn’t until later that night, like 9pm, that I managed to start, you wanna see what I done:
The trip to the bathroom happened quickly. I woke up in a fury of limbs and flesh with a bladder punching at me to move.
Once the stream started, the pressure eased, my shoulders relaxed and I winced, before rolling my shoulders against the stiffness. Making me realise it wasn’t only
That’s it. I didn’t even finish the fucking sentence. To give a clue as to the excuse I’d use, Please Like Me had just started when I first started writing, it was an encore and yet I couldn’t stop myself from, well, stopping everything and watching.
So today I have little planned just like yesterday, only instead of just sitting here, Im going to go for a walk (it’s a daily thing, you know, keep fit) then I’m going to put on Supernatural because no matter what that show gets me writing. I don’t really know why, but I ain’t going to look that gift horse in the mouth. I want this story finished, and all I have to write is 3K. I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to work anything out, just write.
If I can’t do that, if in an hour after I start (which is when I have to start getting dinner ready, slow cooker) then I’m going to turn to blurbs (while scanning photos).
Yeah Im evil to myself, but I’m hoping it’s get some form of fire under whatever part of me needs to be lit up in order for me to write this fucker.
Saying this, I’ve already had two new ideas that I want to write, and will be for next year, along with my next November book, tugging at my head. but I need to finish this year and it needs to happen, well, last month!!!
So that’s all for me, gotta go back and make myself work.

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