Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Just Me Book Review: ‘Running Scared’ Bronwyn Heeley
I just finished ‘Running Scared’ by: Bronwyn Heeley. I found it to be well written and very suspenseful. I hated the fact I had to pause in the middle of reading to run an errand. I felt like I was with him the whole time he was running. While I was reading in a way I knew what was going to happen but instead of feeling let down it just made me want to keep reading. The bonus story ‘Hunted’ was just as good, you could feel the pain and fear as he was feeling it. A big Thank you to Bronwyn Heeley for the chance to read ‘Running Scared’ and to review your story.

So it’s live, woohoo!! And free on Smashwords and ARe through the 31st (if I’ve done it right). I really hope you check these two stories out, there short, and quick and yeah they might not hold romance, but there are highly emotionally driven, and like the review above, I have heard nothing but goodness from the few people who have read them.

Now, I haven’t said anything about this yet, because my week has been frantic, but I’m joining a bunch of awesome authors in a 24 hour chat. Mine starts, well 10pm for me today, and 4am for the other side of the world, tomorrow (though it’s your today)

RGR Presents: 24 Hour Halloween Marathon LGBT Chat 

I’m up there with AJ Truman, Taylin Clavelli, Mary Calmes & Catherine Leivens, so really looking forward to meeting them, and even more excited if you guys could come along and chat it up with us all.

I believe that’s all that’s left to say today. I’m just tired, and excited and overwhelmed, and my week just keeps on going and going.

Please, though, check out my books, especially try and get a hold of them in the next couple of days, if you can buy outside of Amazon since they are free – and both companies hold mobi & PDF files.


Smashwords coupon: SJ36N

I jumped, my heart in my throat, in a much different way than it had been. My legs slammed into the wood of the window, and I was sure it would bring bruising tomorrow.
I used that pain and momentum to push myself back into the window, scraping my fingers and stomach from the quickness. I landed on my feet, though it was only because I grabbed hold of the lip of the window. I didn’t want to turn around. I didn’t want to have to come face to face with the impossibility of anything that was happening.
“Do you like it?” he said again, his voice holding an annoyance that I needed to be careful of.
Swallowing hard around a dry throat, I forced myself to turn around. Hands still on wood, still feeling the wind from outside, twisted the air around me into something that didn’t seem real, but then when had any of this felt real?
“I did it for you,” he said, his hands coming up. A shine of metal caught my attention, but he wasn’t threatening me.
I opened my mouth, trying to speak but nothing came out. I cleared my throat. At some point, he’ll get impatient, and he’ll come at me. Madmen weren’t really known for being patient. At least that’s what every crime show I’d ever watched had told me.
“Why?” I managed, though my voice sounded like I felt; as if my stomach had spilled against my shoes.
“Because you asked me to.” Calm as all fuck. That’s what he was, and happy with himself. Happy that he’d done it. Happy that I was finally interacting with him.
“I…” What was I meant to say? What was I meant to do? “I don’t remember asking.” I finally managed to get out. I can’t think of anything else. I can’t think if what I said was diplomatic to the psycho talk-down.
“’Course you did.” Because otherwise what? He wouldn’t have done it. I didn’t think so, I didn’t think there was anything that I could have said or done that would have made him change his course, made any of this go away.
He seemed happily psychotic to me as he stood just a few feet away, a part of the chaos around him rather than separate. Unlike what I looked like on the other side of the room. It was as if this was his place, he’s being, his comfort, and putting him anywhere else would be torture.
I swallowed hard as I realised that he couldn’t be anything but this killer he’d presented. Anger seemed to vibrate around him, seeking out justice that might not even truly exist, sinners for faults and angers that were only in his mind, even if they were justified. I wasn’t sure why these thoughts were coming to me. Why the sudden sympathy to a person that couldn’t be what he was meant to be because laws, morals, and empathy decreed it wrong.
I believed it wrong and that something even worse was happening to me as I sympathised with a killer. As I let it fester under my breast.
The phone rang; a mechanical sound that I hadn’t heard in a long time. Was it a lack of home lines, or the fact that no one rang them anymore? Or that the world outside this moment was suddenly clear, that I had a way out. That finally help had arrived in a form I’d never seen before.
It rang some more, neither of us moving to answer. I was too startled to really comprehend the facts.
The silence after the ringing was deafening and it took everything in me not to dive for the handpiece when it started up again.
I took a breath, calming myself as I put it up against my ear. The cool surface and handling felt foreign.
Static met my ear. I could hear commotion going on in the background. Noises I couldn’t quite pick up, but it was definitely busy.

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