Tuesday 11 November 2014

In Progress

Over on my other blog, yeah, if you didn’t already know, I actually have two blogs, this one for day to day and the other for when I want to post or write a short story. I feel it’s a much better environment over there, and they can be much easily found by you guys.
Saying this it may or may not work out long run, because I am one day soon hoping for a website that will link them all together a bit differently, anyway, so not the point at all
The point is actually quite simple, I posted the 2nd story in my Life series, which is a series that will follow the lives of two men as they create a family together… or crash and burn, you will find out when I find out.
Though mostly the series is all about prompts. Someone will tell me what they think a good idea is and I’ll put my boys through it, for your enjoyment.
Anyway, this second on is about a horrible first date, which you can find…

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