Friday, 28 November 2014

New Website

So, awesome news everyone, I have a website!!!
The reason? Because I didn’t like the way blogger does there pages. It’s not that there is anything truly bad about them, but I wanted a nicer, less cluttered place for my books to be. That too, and them all having their own page is even better.
Saying this there are bits of the website I don’t like, mostly the fact that I can’t sub-page a sub-page, or at least I don’t know how to do that. And it’ll either be that I just can’t, or that I have to pay, in both cases I’ll just have to live.
Still, it’s not really a bad thing until I get more books under my name, and then I might be in a place where I can pay the monthly fee to get my domain and link them all together (saying this, it’ll most likely happen when my brother-in-law can make me the one I really want.
Anyway, it’s just simple, easy and well, easy. I hope you like it, and if there’s anything you’d see that needs changing, or isn’t flat out wrong, feel free to tell me ASAP.
So click the big letters above and have yourself a looksi *smile*

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