Friday, 21 November 2014

Payhip Account

I decided to give Payhip a try, by adding my books, I’m not sure if it’ll even work, but I like the idea of having an option. At any rate, in the long run I’d love nothing more than to have my own site for sales, so why not start as I wish to go forward.
And, well, as an added bonus each book will be discounted, just as an added bonus
Love Without Knowing It at $1.50 :
Running Scared at $0.50 :
If you wish for a different file, please tell me and I’ll add it for you (I’m currently only using the 3 main file types)
The rest of the plan
I have always wanted to have something that was just coming to me. I understand the idea isn’t great, that people probably won’t bother. Mostly I’ll put these to Amazon buyers, as they love Amazon for it’s one click buy option.
I, as a consumer, don’t like Amazon for that reason, I don’t like using me credit card, and I hate that I’ve had to put it in. it’s for you guys who might like a different option, or just the one that comes with a discount on all my own titles year round.
At the moment each title will display itself on the payhip site for 50cents cheaper, than anywhere else because I’m mostly not smart enough to figure out a % and I thought it was a good deal. Like I said, we’ll see how things move from here, and I’ll update you in 6 months’ time when I know what’s what.
I also have this plan, if I can get books ready faster for the future, where they just sit and wait, to have them appear on payhip first, they will have that added discount, and then, a week later, or so they will go up everywhere else. I’d like for payhip to be my pre-order site, you want it straight away this is where you’ll get it from, you want it anywhere else, and you’ll have to wait.
Like I said, it’ll be a wait and see kind of deal. Awkwardly though because I’m technically a no one, there is that longer wait for people to want to read me enough that they can’t wait, and I understand and know I’m not anywhere near there yet. If I will ever become it.
But as I’ve said above, I’m going in as I plan to be, so unless something happens with payhip, it will stay and I’ll trug through until you all notice the greatness of my presales.

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