Thursday 5 February 2015

Characters Character #3

Moving onto Colin.

Colin… there book was a challenge for me. It was a book I wrote because I kept reading this type and it pissing me off, or irritated me, or something, I’m not a fan of flashbacks, and yet this whole storyline is filled with it.

So making it work, seeing if I could pull it off was the motivation behind the way it was set, and yet if I’m honest I don’t think there story could have been told any other way.

Colin and Tim have been together for a long time, and Colin is one of those gentlemanly kind of guys that won’t have anal with a underage guy.

Nice of him and all, hell, he seems like a decent guy, but to me, in my head his always been a bit of an arrogant arse, I’m not even sure why. It’s just the impression I’ve gotten once I’ve been outside his head, and yet I don’t think I’ve really put that part of him on paper.  

He’s also one of those guys that ‘fuck like pornstars’ hence the pornish positions I’ve put them in through their story. and I’d like to say that was just being uneducated about gay sex, and though back then I wasn’t as much as I am know, I really wasn’t, he just liked sex that way and I couldn’t stop it.

He’s best mate is Phil, they met at a bar in Bathurst one weekend, a hook-up that turned into a friendship, and one of the better kinds. This isn’t to say they didn’t fuck, because they did, it was just at the end they’d continued, and friendship that turned into Phil living with them, mostly though University holidays, and weekends.


Phil… well this is his story not Colin. Anyway, they became friends because of not only chemistry that had nothing to do with fucking and everything to do with them, but also because Phil is a werewolf too.

There’s isn’t much more I can think of about Colin house was the one with a basement, (now that I think about for a country that doesn’t really have it, I’ve put one in two houses now, lol). and he’s also one of the first boys who started getting in on together, just a wank session until they all realised they were gay which turned it’s orgies, just for fun.

He’s also the one that helped keep them together, the one that got the job when they wouldn’t have trusted an old man wanting to give a group of boys a chance in life. He’s the one that had them working hard and the ones that pushed them to be themselves.

He may be a dick, but he’s got his strength and that’s what he’s are, the one that took a risk when the others might not have as well as making sure they followed through.

He’s protective too, but aren’t they all?!

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