Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Problem with Real Life

It’s coming to the end of one month and moved into the beginning of the next with me not doing half the things I wanted to do. This is mostly due to the fact that I had such a hard time re-reading and fixing up Moonlit Wolves 7, literally it took me nearly a month to send it off.
It also didn’t help that last week and a bit of the one before my computer got a virus and didn’t allow me internet access. Now, you’d have thought that would give me plenty of time to work, but instead I spent hours and days trying to get the virus off, leaving me irritated and drained making it impossible for me to get a whole chapter finish, and if I could, it was only ever the one.
So slow sailing on that.
Then I went to look at a new rental property, and it’s awesome and I really really want it, so much that it’s hard to keep my kids expectations low when mine are so high.
Not really the point tho, the point is that for the weekend and following week I’ve been waiting for a phone call to tell me if I got it. Only it never came.
You see the landlords are newbies, and have their own issues to work out and we believe they didn’t realise who quickly the renting game went. They hypnosis is that they thought it would be like buying a house, taking months to get around to just seeing the house. And so we must wait. I’ve spoken to the real estate I’m renting through now, the one that this house belongs too and too hopeful of that my circumstances and there’s will line up in a way that will benefit us both. Only here I sit still waiting, and it’s the waiting, I’m sure you understand, that’s distracting me.
Kinda wish I had some One Piece on hand, could do with a solid re-read of that while I wait.
So last month, though not as productive as I wished it would have been I did manage to release a short freebie, as well as finish and send off the last Moonlit Wolves books for a while. I’m sorry fans of the series, I just can’t write it anymore, it is still a 30 books series, so the end will actually get there, I’m hopeful of that, but I just can’t write that type of long series, which is a shame in so many ways.
This month I’m hoping to write and finish my first m-preg book, which so far had 3 books planned, though I’m not going to push myself, tho I’d like to hope I can finish them all in this year, I know it’s probably not possible.
This series I’m also going to run a little differently than most, it’s going to be much more fan based, which means, you guys have to like it, and ask for more before I’ll even think about writing book 2. I’m writing this for a friend in the first place, it’s not my ideal topic, but I’m finding I like the challenge, it seems to make things a whole lot more interesting.
I’ve got the first book outlined enough for my outlining, probably a little more than most, and there won’t be anything outside the pregnancy, because I think that’s interesting enough, isn’t it?? It’s going to be my focus point as I write it.
Anyway, I’m hoping to have a lot more fan interaction throughout the series, though this first one I’m probably only going to be pointing my questions and talking with one person, but definitely when we get into it, and I have people who have read it, I’ll start letting you into the process a lot more.
Saying this, I’ve actually give a lot of thought, and a lot of question to people outside myself, in chats I’ve had through January, this book hasn’t been created by me, and me only, I don’t feel as isolate writing it, or organising it, which is a fun feeling. I know if I pose a question that there are people waiting to pounce and help out.
This is probably what happens all the time, I just don’t feel the need, or don’t feel like I have the right to ask. M-preg though needs to be screened, it needs to be about what others want to read, at least that’s what I’m doing, that’s what I’m hoping for.
It’s not going to be a long book, I’m hoping to get it to 30K but I’m sorry if that doesn’t happen, I’m trying to put in more outside details to lengthen my books, but I’ve still haven’t quite made it to that point yet.
Still, this is a long post I think I might call it a day. Look forward to more talk of men being pregnant, because that’s what’s being focused on this valentine month, lol

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