Tuesday 17 February 2015

Utterly & Completely Exhausted

I’m nearly finished packing, and I think it’s only been a week – has it been a week, 2?? I can’t tell anymore, all I know is that yesterday my mum and I cleaned the kitchen and I’m feeling it. My body doesn’t want to move anymore. I’ve irritated sore spots on my body I’d rather not have, and I don’t have the time to let them rest. Nope, gotta move onto the next room.
Saying this I have a week (hopefully, we are getting dicked around a bit, might be two) to get the rest of the house cleaned up, and the most I have to do is the kid’s room (pick and sort toys they didn’t think they’d want, please…). the bathroom, the walls and the floors and we are set to hand the keys in.
At the end of the day I’m exhausted I just want to crawl into bed and sleep, only my mind doesn’t. it’s awake rambling at all the things I still need to do inside the house.
That I need to write, yap yap yapping ideas inside my head, wanting me to write it out, Needing me to finish this story up so that the world can read it.
I need to BETA read April Kelley’s Pickleville #5 – honest there’s not want, or anything like that I need to have this effing book inside my head. I… I… honestly it just needs to be read, and it needs to happen now!!!
Only I’m exhausted, just sitting here writing this out if killing my arms and back.
But the plan on today is to get some rest, sit comfortably on the lounge with my laptop and the book I mentioned above and read. Then that avo I’ll get into the kids room and clean it up, get that settled, and organised, because when Wed rolls around I’m either going to be in the bathroom or getting my gloves on and starting the walls.
So that’s me, it’s all I can write up for now, it’s all the thought inside my head – well that’s not true, but let’s face it you really don’t want to understand the mess my head is at, at the moment.
So what are you guys up to??

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