Thursday 12 March 2015

Another Moonlit Wolves 7 excerpt

Let’s see how the two me meet, shall we …


Adam loved running. His legs pumped under him, his arms swinging, and his chest puffing. It would have been nicer if he hadn’t been trying to get somewhere, and that meant keeping up with men whose legs were twice as long as his. He was sure if anyone were filming this, he’d look like a little kid trying to keep up with his parents.
He finally reached the clearing, but not before grunts and shouts sounded. Adam wasn’t sure what he was supposed   to do. How could he help? Jump in with fist and feet. He’d never gotten the hang of fighting, either playfully or for keeps. He’d always shied away from the violence of it all. 
Rubbing his hands on his thigh, he looked around, his eyes catching the attention of a lovely little cottage. The wind kicked up around him, making it seem like a different place.
Flowers glittered in the moonlight, as spotlight of rays hit the front of the cottage. Ivory laced up the sides of the door, with moss helping conceal it, turning it into something out of a fairy tale.
Adam’s mouth watered, his heart pumped harder, his palms sweating.
He looked around the clearing. Chaos met his eyes, ruining that moment of perfection with hate and violence. Adam shied away from it, wanting to turn and run, but he couldn’t leave his mates there, couldn’t leave his family.
He shifted, unsettled. He wanted to do something to help, but he wasn’t sure what to do. What was he supposed to do?
There was a rustle near him, just to one side, not as close as he shouldn’t have been when Adam finally turned in that direction, making sure no one was coming up behind them.
His whole body hitched with the sight. Home.
Adam’s throat closed, finding it impossible to get air. His chest ached, bones cracking, trying to realign themselves, but the moon wasn’t there yet, and so didn't have enough power to shift him completely.
His feet took him forward as the gun lowered off the man’s shoulder. Adam wasn’t sure whom he hit. Friend or foe, he didn’t care. His whole world stood in front of him, and he wasn’t stupid enough to let him go over a technicality.
Craig had been a hunter, Adam thought, and they all loved him.
Sounds vibrated around him, talking—yelling really, back and forth where one side was harsher than then other. He wasn’t sure what was going on, and he couldn’t give a shit, not when his mate stood in front of him.
Adrenaline had Adam’s body shaking, but he couldn’t seem to move, couldn’t do anything but watch as his mate listened. Nothing shifted. Nothing stirred in him as he waited for movement, waiting for his mate to give him a clue on what was happening.
Adam scanned the area. He couldn’t seem to stop it. He needed to know what had his mate so worked up. His eyes skirted on bodies, blood, and people standing around watching the same thing he was, but unlike him, they seemed to understand what the hell was going on.
Brad looked as if he was on the verge of jumping in, where Adam was more than sure he would have already if it weren’t for the grip Kyle had on Brad’s shoulders.
Like anyone in this situation, it had Adam looking towards the action.
Matt was the first one he saw. Tall and lean, he was standing there, just on one side of Jex, and his hand lightly on his mate’s. His face turned towards Adam’s mate, and back to his own.
“I’m not going back!” Jex said, his face ashen, his eyes wide, panicked.
 “Back?” Matt blinked, then his head turned away looking at Jex.
Something clicked. Something that cramped up Adam’s stomach so hard, bile pushed up into his throat. Hot acid, licked at his tonsils, his mouth watering, gagging needing to spit up what he was tasting.
Jex’s hand was stretched out, his fingers tight around the base. His gun was unsteady. In a way, that wasn’t Jex. The man’s face was in peril.
For the first time in the history of Adam knowing Jex, and he knew it wasn’t a long time, but the whole time, the man hadn’t flinched, not at anything, not for one minute. Now, he was standing there, his face, his body, scared shitless as a man could get without pissing himself, and a gun pointing at Adam’s mate.
“No!” Adam screamed, startling himself, and yet he was more than sure most of the noise he made was inside his head as no one came near him. No one even seemed to look.
There was a twitch to his mate, though. Had he heard? Was he as in-tuned to Adam as Adam was to him? He had to be. That’s what it meant, didn’t it? To have a mate, to be standing this close to the person you intended to spend the rest of your life with. That had to be heady, and it had to be affecting his mate as much as it was Adam.
Adam knew it did.
“He needs to die!” Jex yelled.
The words slapped across Adam’s face. His heart exploded in his chest as everything he knew and would know, rumbled down to a few worlds.
He needs to die rang in his ears, repeatedly. The tune that didn’t make sense, but held Adam’s whole life. He needs to die!
Adam’s chest hurt, but he was too distressed to understand he needed to suck in air. The hair along his back spiked up. His leg muscles shifted, moving in a way they shouldn’t— not in his human body.
The tops of his fingers shifted to claws as hair grew thicker across their tops, and up his forearms. The summer breeze caressed them, telling him things Adam couldn’t even begin to understand. He rolled forward, onto the balls of his feet as his knees ached, wanting something that just wasn’t possible.
Adam growled, a little sound that caught in his throat, but had him reflect a breath, easing one ache and bringing  about another.
Adam didn’t think. All he heard ringing in his head was a song of death and a gun pointing at his mate. A mate that he’d been waiting for since he’d learnt he’d get one. A mate that was going to love him like no one else would love him. He would be someone who would treasure him as if he was something special, and not just another mouth to feed.
He wanted someone to be his family, his lover, his other half, so that he could prove them all wrong.
He was worth a lover and worth a family. He was worth so much more than those arseholes had said. He was. Was… He had to be, because if they were right, if he wasn’t worthy of one person to love him over everything else in the world, then he may as well not bother waking up in the morning.
The wind shifted. At least that’s what it felt like to Adam right before something ran into him hard. Hard and hot, it saturated his right shoulder in pain. So much pain rolled around his mind, as his body seemed to cringe in on itself, wanting away from it as fast as possible.
Adam tasted dirt as he licked his lips. He wasn’t sure how that happened, but apparently, he was on the ground. Face- first in the dirt. Fucking great.
Pushing up with his left arm, Adam gritted his teeth around a scream of pain as he rolled himself onto his back. Hitting the ground hard, he felt as if someone decided to stab fire-heated knives along his spine. Or they’d not bothered with that time-consuming act and just put a fire pit next to him that Adam managed to roll into.
His mouth was dry, making him swallow several times, trying to get his lips wet, but it wasn’t helping. He needed liquid. He needed pain killers—fuck, what he really needed was to pass out because he hurt so fucking much.
Warmth saturated him, cuddling around him, settling him like nothing else could. The only thing he could smell or simply care about at this moment.
Cracking his eyes, Adam looked up at his mate. He was on his knees by Adam’s side and looking as sick as Adam felt before all the pain started. His arm was up over his chest, hand wrapped around his right shoulder as if he was holding onto something.
He was a fair bit older than them, Adam suddenly realised.  The guy’s face appeared to be a frown, the wrinkles in his forehead and in the corners of his eyes aging him.
His brown hair, clean-cut, average to a point that Adam felt he must had dressed himself to look that way. All Adam saw was perfection. All he saw was home.
“I know you,” he breathed out, needing to talk and, apparently, that’s all he could say.

Protecting My Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #7)
Word count: 30,535
Paranormal erotic romance

Justin is back for one thing, to take Jex home, but what he finds makes him realise that maybe there’s something more in life than taking orders from a man who owns his soul.

It doesn’t take a smart man to realise there’s something different about this group of men, but it’s definitely going to take strength to walk away. Can Adam show Justin his worth more than going back to his old life, even when that means stepping into a war he’d never expect, let alone knew existed?

Note: this series must be read in order.
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