Thursday 26 March 2015

Characters Character #5

Moving down the list of characters, I’m going with Phil from Seeking My Werewolf
Now this one is one of my favourite books, I’m not really sure why I like it so much, but it’s again a troupe in the paranormal world, have the hunter fall in love with what he hunts.
I like the fact that I was able to bring in a bit of mating lust in a way that doesn’t seem to be shown, it always hits after they first have sex, but why…
Phil is another one of those characters I don’t really know anything about. it’s weird when you write a person and end up having no effing idea who they truly are, but then I don’t really care more then what the story there telling has to say.
I’m not sure what that says about me, but they can have their secrets, there personality traits they want to hide, that’s fine I don’t mind.
This one had Phil pretty much hurt 90% of the time they were here.
He’s clearly a bottom, though he might tell you he tops. I’m not completely sure we didn’t see him on the prowl, and let’s face it, could you see Craig as a bottom???
I have a favourite part in this book, honestly, its my favourite one in the whole series …
“Fuck!” he screamed at the dirt, trying to get rid of some of the frustration that was eating at him.
It had been a month, a fucking month  of telling himself that he hadn’t met his mate. That the man with the steel eyes wasn’t his mate. But all he got was a hard cock that throbbed with a pain that came from blue balls, even though he’d jacked off an hour earlier.
“Fucking shit-arse body.” He stomped off towards one of the trees. He didn’t care anymore. He had to get off. He had to get rid of the pain in his balls so he could have a moment without it in his chest.
“Again, Phil?” Matt asked. That guy had his mate. He was whittling a knife out of a stick, sitting on the ground with it between his legs, and was a new addition to their group, coming when he and Jex had run away from wherever they were from and needed a place to hide. Luckily, Matt and Colin were cousins. Because of that, he’d been introduced to the group of werewolves, and they just clicked.
… I like the whole scene.
I’m not sure if it being my favourite scene was because it was the one that started the book. from the moment I saw Phil he was pacing back and forth wishing he wasn’t wishing his did would soften up so he wouldn’t have to fuck anymore.
I didn’t know where he’d come from, only vague new his backstory to the boys in the group, but that was it, he was just the male of agony as he didn’t want to have to wank one last time. hell, he was at the point of saying he’d become an eunuch if it meant he’d get a moment of piece from the raging hard-on that wouldn’t go away.
Anyway, what do we need to know about Phil???
He’s in the closet, at least from his parents. He’s the only one of my boys that could have truly had a cliché story, that I could have, legitimately, made it about him being gay, but like with the series I didn’t, because that’s not the point, it very rarely is with me.
The reason he doesn’t tell his parents is that he needs the money he knows won’t come anymore if he’s parent learn he’s gay. He is my first, and hopefully only with that backstory, but I guess only time will tell. The thing is, this backstory isn’t really spoken of, though it’s there, in the pages of the series.
He’s at university, but if I’m honest, I have no idea what he’s studying.
He had a one night stand with Colin and then became a part of their little family, because he fit and he was a werewolf – it’s still unclear if they bit him, or he came that way, I’d have to go back and look (yeah, great author I am, lol)
And lastly… he’s the only person in the world that could have allowed Craig to be truly happy.

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