Saturday 28 March 2015

#MySexySaturday week 85

Their Sexy Talk is this week’s theme and it’s all about how lovers talk to each other. We know you’ve noticed it. Whenever you get into a room of people, where there are other couples, notice how they talk to each other. Sometimes you can tell when there’s tension, other times you wonder just what makes them so happy and there are others still when their happiness is practically contagious.

So, I’m not sure if this is what they meant, but I’ve just gotten BETA’s back from a book I’m going to publish at some point either this year or next. It was a blog story that I want the world to see now I have a name people might notice.

Anyway, it may not be something that’s being said around others, but it’s def lover talking and it’s slightly NSFW (and unedited)

“God I love the sounds you make,” Jake muttered. “Can always tell what you’re doing by the sounds you make.”
“Yeah…” what?
“Yeah. Oh yeah, you sound fucking good. Getting me all worked up. Fuck babe, you got lube? Babe?”
“What? Um…yeah, maybe, round here somewhere…” at least he had at some point, “should be some in my bag.”
“Get it babe, get it quick I wanna hear ya with your arse full.”
Mike made a sound, Jack chuckled, “too late? Don’t worry babe, squeeze yourself tight. Let me hear it. Let me hear you letting go. Won’t be the same as what it’s like when you got two fingers working at your arse. Won’t be the same as when I fill you up, and pound at you hard. Making you push out those tiny little shouts when I hit home and push in deeper.”
“Erg, fuck!” the shout was muffled by a blanket as Mike shoved it into his mouth before he himself go, his phone lay close to his ear, but he wasn’t holding it, hadn’t been for a while now. Cum shot in thick gooey ropes across his chest and abdomen as he worked himself threw the orgasm. 

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When life together is suddenly at your doorstep.

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