Tuesday 19 May 2015

Falling Apart Plans

As you might be aware I’m not really writing anymore this year. or at least I don’t have to again until the end of August when I’ll then focus all of my time on writing for the following year.
So like always, because I don’t need to write, don’t really wanna, as I have other things I need to do, all I can think about. all I want to do is write.

And yet, I don’t.

It’s a fucked up time, like writers block, only my problem isn’t really blockage, it’s actually much more un-motivation because I do most of the time, have to force myself to sit and write. I just don’t really like doing it. I like creating the idea, I like the story planning and all those other things. I just….well, it’s kinda boring when you think about it, because most of the real exciting stuff has already been worked out enough in your head that your sailing even when you’re not…

And now I ain’t making any sense.

I thought tho, that because I really wanna write I might tell you guys a bit about the books that I WILL been writing. The ones that get top priority when August hits and I’m free to write.

Taking A Stand, which is my were/vamp book and still, to be honest, the subtitle then it’s actual title to me.

This one is pure sex. An erotica with a highlight romance shaken in. it will only be around 6K and is 2K in.  and well, like I said, straight up erotic. There is also a possibility to create a series off it, either with both men or with others in the club.

I really like this storyline. I hope it comes out as hot as I think it should.

A Road Worth Travelling, now this storyline has changed. Well no that’s not true. The storyline is still the same, but I have been battling with myself to create a triangle where there isn’t enough plot time to put that in. (so I’ll leave that for another series I want to write, watch this space kinda thing)

I’m hoping to just write this out as one novel, but actually quite like the serial idea I have but we’ll see how it all works out. or more so, I will probably depend on how much story there actually IS. I’m not sure I can even make it a novel anymore, because I’m not a novel writer and there is so much more you need to put into those types of stories than I enjoy writing, but it’ll def be a long novella.

Second Pack of Cameron book 2 and 3, these I want to write. I wanted to start up when I read the first book, and can see them being the first times I actually start up on.

The Long Way Home & Prequel, this is my vamp cowboy story and though I have an idea of what’s going into this, though I know more about how I want the prequel.

A Reason to Hate Valentines, is my horror, well, valentines story, and is about the result of a stalker, and it’s not… a nice story. No HEA or at least not in a conventional way, and def not for one of them.

And that’s all I can think of at the moment – no those are the ones that keep coming into my head, along with a book I haven’t thought about since back in 2014 but I think maybe I’m ready to write that now.

Anyway, thanks for the listen.

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