Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Yep, It’s Tuesday

Sickness, that’s what happened to me at the beginning of the week. Hell, it was probably the reason the week before last was so shit for me. However, it hit hard and because a sickness on Monday morning.
I was feverish, though I only really know that because of the fact that I wanted to cry for 90% of it, and I slept, I couldn’t put anything down but lemonade, and I ached.

Day two, was better, tho I overworked myself and vomited in the morning, and my ear ached, I could hardly change altitude without needing a good long moment,

Day three, I was good as new (minus the fact that I couldn’t really hear) and wanting to do everything I could possibly do, only I’d taken the week off so there actually wasn’t anything, lol
Saying this, already having that week off made being sick a lot easier to handle, because there wasn’t anything I was getting behind for.

So I formatted, waiting of a lovely person to read it and make sure nothing nasty is in the format, so I’m not hit with horribleness. Publishing My Outside My Inside has me scared shitless that I’ve done something wrong, that I’ve fucked up big time, so I need the reassurance.

But I’m done, as long as nothing shows up in this format I’m done, and all there is, is getting it uploaded and promoting it. Only I’ve not done a good job of that. I should have but I’ve not.

But I have a few people that I might be able to ask, and that should be enough—no it will be. Because this is a great little story and I’ve cleaned it up to a perfection that I won’t ever touch again. Honestly maybe on a 10 year or 5 year I might recover or add another story to it from the boys, but I doubt it.

This story is about a life, it’s about looking back to how he got to where he was. it is from a group of photos that floated around the internet at the time of me writing it, and quite honestly, there isn’t anything left to tell.

I love the story. I’ve very proud of it. But more so I’m actually really happy that people want a bit more from it, because it means something in it spoke to them.

And yeah, okay, so maybe I say it that way because I just have nothing more to say. To me the story is OVER it is what it is, and there isn’t any more.

So next for me is My Kevin, and I’ve gotten the new release nerves.

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