Tuesday 25 August 2015

It's Tuesday

First up I’m excited and nervous as all hell to announce the coming arrival of my latest book. It’s one of those times when I should start talking myself up and yet it’s also the hardest time for me to do that. I’m scared shitless at what you will all think and yet I’m excited to find out.

I think I should start by saying that this story is very me. I write short stories and I generally only write a moment. This is much like that. I know people won’t love it because of this facts. They want more and complete stories, but it’s 13K and it’s the start of their story because this is a series.

I didn’t write it in order to make you have to buy the next one. Yes the story will continue, but it would have been secondary to the main characters.

To me book 1 was finished, that was all there was going to be.

Until it isn’t anymore.

I know I’ll get crap for that, but I think if you’re a fan of mine you’ll understand it. You’ll get what I’ve done and you’ll like it for what it is. You know if male pregnancy is your thing. I understand if it’s not.

This book, well, the series was written for a friend because she wanted more m-preg. I said if she’d beta it I’ll write it. it’s the first time I’ve done it, it’s a category I’m not a huge fan of, and yet I love the series, and hope you guys are going to as well.

Next! I’m writing Second Pack of Cameron 2, it’s flowing even though everything I’ve written is boring as crap, lol. It’s probably not a great time for me to write, and normally I have release week off. Though there isn’t a rush and if I can’t then I can’t.

I’m just over 4K and I’m enjoying it. Enjoying getting to know a bit more background of the supporting characters and meeting a few new ones.

The idea is for the first half to be courting, for the MC’s of the next 2 books while we try and figure out a few facts. I’m still not clear when you’ll learn how everything is possible.

I want to assure you guys, though some of the facts are a little rough around the edges, I know exactly how it’s possible. But do I want to put it in now, or do I want book 5 when someone comes along that can tell them.

I liked the second idea, but I think it might end up taking me down a path I don’t want this series to go. I want it to be light and entertaining and be about the pregnancy and what I first thought might not actually help at all.

But the character who is coming will still come it just might not come as… but I’m getting ahead of myself as I’m only now writing book 2.

Anyway, so it’s all clear I have 5 books in this series figured out and ready to be writing. It might take a bit but fans should be happy to know they will be more, and if you want in on it. If you want it to continue after that then you can contact me with a pregnancy problem you’d like to see and I’ll add your book in (each person who has an idea will get full credit and a free PDF when it’s published).

 Um, what else am I working on…

I’m 2K into An Alphas World 2
And 2.5K into Encounter Space 2

This are the next set of stories I’m writing, and I hope to have them both done by October
I also am in the middle of reading Being That For You so that I can get that into edits. Which I’m hoping will happen in September, or maybe October.

Upcoming Release Dates
Being That For You on the 10th of November via BonyDee Press.
Moonlit Escapades on the 15th of December via eXtasybooks
My Outside My Inside, 2nd edition on the 10th of January via BonyDee Press (is free)
Outside Sanity on the 11th of January 2015 via BonyDee Press

There also might be a charity anthology in there somewhere too but I can’t be sure, my story will be accepted (tho I don’t see why it won’t) and/or if they’ll actually make an end of 2015 release.

And I think that’s me for the week.

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