Saturday 22 August 2015


Week 106 is That Sexy Time of Day

Hot and bothered started to become painful, as his clothes scratched at him, irritated him. His shirt was off before he understood he was taking it off.
“I guess we’ll leave now,” an amused voice said from behind him, but Ben didn’t care. He was annoyed that there were other people still in the room, not that it would have stopped him. He needed the closeness of Shad and these men didn’t seem to be reason to stop.
Ben paused a second, just a brief little moment as he wondered if he’d go far enough to fuck Shad with the other men in the room. Ben had never been an exhibitionist but then he’d never felt that driving need to be skin to skin with someone else before.
That’s what it was now, the closeness of others, of Shad. He needed Shad and he knew the man would be feeling the same way about him.
Ben stripped off his pants and crawled up next to Shad, skin slid against skin, raising hair, pulled Ben until he lay more on Shad then next to him.
His fingers moved restlessly over the skin on Shad’s back. First over clothes and then under. He felt the breath and muscles of his lover. The same ones that he’d held when they were sexing the last time, when Shad had made him feel things he’d never felt before.
Shad shifted under him, his head moved so he was looking at Ben. His face flushed.

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