Friday 4 September 2015

April's Interlude

Here’s a little more on the M/M Paranormal series I’m working on. The series is called Saint Lakes. Book One will be titled Leave it All. The tentative release date is November 1st, 2015. Hopefully.

Series Blurb

The small town of Saint Lakes has always been a peaceful place for shifters of any kind to live, at least it used to be before the witch moved in.

Mother Estelle raised her children to be ready for anything. After all, being a shifter isn’t exactly the safest thing to be. Not many humans know that shifters and other paranormal species exist, and the ones that do are usually hunters. The small town of Saint Lakes now has more of a shifter population than any other kind of species, including humans. No one is stupid enough to disturb Mother Estelle. Surrounded by lakes and forests, it’s the perfect place for her shifters. That is until a witch comes into town, bringing with him all kinds of drama the Shifters of Saint Lakes wasn’t used too. Mother Estelle’s children know how to stick together though.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

Chapter One

He saw a cab and stopped running long enough to flag it down. He got in just as one of the guys in suits started around the corner of a building where he had just come from. He gave the cab drive his address, still breathing hard from running. He shut his eyes as relief washed over him.
“Can I borrow you cellphone?” Lucas asked the driver once he was able to get his breath back.
“I don’t loan it out,” the cab driver said without looking at him. The man was older. The dark hair on his head had flecks of grey through it and he had more wrinkles than not on the parts of his face Lucas could see.
“Please, sir. There were men attacking my friend and I. I think my friend is hurt really badly.”
“There are some bad elements in this city. Don’t know how many times I give rides to you people.” The man’s hands came up and held out a cellphone.
“What to do you mean by people like me?” Lucas said and took the phone. “Thanks.”
“You nonhumans or whatever the fuck you are.”
“I don’t know what you’re taking about,” Lucas said. He dialed the number to reach the emergency services and waited. When they answered he told them what happened at where they could find Shawn. They asked where they could find Lucas and he told them he was in a cab, that one of the men was chasing him.
“We’ll send an officer to your location,” she said and he gave her his parent’s address.
He shut off the phone when they were done talking and handed it back to the cab driver.
The driver took his phone. “I used to be a hunter. I’m too old for all that bloodshed and violence now. Plus, I learned things aren’t always black and white.”
“It’s what you call yourselves, right? Or has that changed over the years? Hell, I’ve been out of the loop for so long you could call yourselves just about anything by now, what with all the political correctness going on.”
Lucas couldn’t really focus on what the old man was saying. “I don’t really know what you’re talking about,” Lucas said absently and looked out the window, watching the houses on the street as they drove by. “You know about…paranormals?”
“Hunted them for thirty years. Course that was a long time ago. When we knew about those things and were scared off by it. I was a bigoted fool before I met my Cassie. She changed my mind, but it was a rough start we had. I finally came around.”
“Those things that hurt my friend.” Lucas rubbed his hands on his pants and then clenched his fists to keep from shaking. “They had long fangs and red eyes. One of them stuck his teeth in to my friend and drained his blood.”
“Yep, vampires can be a nasty sort sometimes. The clan around here didn’t used to be to bad but in the last few years they’ve been killing more humans,” the cab driver said it so matter of factly, Lucas could tell he believed what he just said.
“How do you know they’ve been killing people?” Lucas couldn’t keep his voice from shaking.
“Police scanner. Sorry about your friend, kid.” The cab driver parked the car in his parent’s driveway and then turned around.
Lucas handed him a twenty dollar bill for the ride and the cab driver waved him away. “It’s on me, kid. You’re probably going to need it more than me.”
“You’ve never come across a vampire, have you?”
Lucas shook his head no. “Never in my entire life did I know those things existed.”
“You want some advice, kid.”
“Yeah.” He would take all he could get at the moment.
“Don’t trust anybody around here, including the cops. With as many vamps are in this damn city, there’s bound to be one on the force.”
“What should I do? I think they want me for some reason.” Lucas said and started shaking even harder. His fear kicked up and he could feel the light start to leave his body. He closed his eyes and breathed in, trying to calm down enough so that stupid ball of light wouldn’t hurt the nice man in the front seat.
The cab driver sighed. “Damn it, Cassie is gonna have my head for getting involved. Grab clothes and as much money as he might have. And whatever else he might want. You can come home with me for the night. Cassie might be able to help you. You can’t stay in the city for long though. Those vampires have you’re scent now. They’ll track you here. Probably to my cab too, the fuckers.”
Lucas nodded and got out of the car. He had to try the handle twice before he actually got the door open. He did what the man said and packed a bag as full as he could get it. He got the cash he had been saving out his sock drawer and stuck it in his pocket.
He looked out his bedroom window at the cab still parked in the driveway and then further up the road, making sure there was no car lights on the road behind them. Nothing. Something moved across the lawn further up the street. It was difficult to see in the dark but whatever it was turned on those motion sensor lights at almost every house.
He ran down the stairs and out his parents’ front door. Everything happened so fast after that Lucas was in a daze. The old man must have sensed it coming because he put the car in reverse and backed up just as the vampire stopped in the road. The ball of light left Lucas at about that same time. Lucas focused and pushed the light towards Gary who stood in the middle of the road. The light got bigger this time and when it hit him, he flew back and hit the side of the house across the street.
Lucas clutched his bag to him as he ran to the cab. He pulled open the door and practically fell in. The cab driver took off down the road even before he got the car door shut. “Yep, I’d say you’re right. You do have vampires after you.”

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