Tuesday 15 September 2015

Moving Along

Not much happening on my end last week. I did however write out my Halloween blog hop short. I’m not really sure about it tho, it’s sitting at 1,200 words and I’m…not quite sure. I think there’s way too much backstory and not enough story, so I may end up completely scrapping it but that will depend on if I can come up with a better story or if I end up adding more to the one I’ve done.

I feel there’s no…suspense. I’m at the point where I think what I really need to do is to go into it and write some more, redo the ending, rather than the beginning.

As I see it the backstory can be taken out. re-written to be a single line or paragraph and I can add more to the ending. Or I could just make it more than 1K. You know as it is only a blog story and…well.

Like I said tho, the story is there, waiting, so if nothing else that will go up, unless I can make it better then I will.

And wasn’t that a whole lot of words that could have been said in one sentence.

Moving on.

I’m starting to worry about m-preg2. I think it’s more a “that time in the writing schedule” then anything else, but I’m worried I’m not getting it right. Mostly this comes from the fact that I’m not writing it in order. I didn’t mean to not write it out, but it happened and I honestly can’t go back, not without finishing the story.

It’s odd, but everything that needs to be added is all secondary stuff. It’s all things that I think really needs to be in it for the series. I’m also still debating on whether or not I’m going to add sex outside the 2 MC’s though there will actually be 4 of them.

At last count I’m 13K into the story and just starting the BIG sex scene, which will hopefully be another 2K, not longer, I’m not a fan of stretching them that long. hell, I’m not even sure if this whole 2K will be sex, but it will definitely be inside this scene I’m doing.

Then I have description. Freak out. Labour and lastly….you got it baby!! I can see this part being a min of 5K. THEN I go back and add a time loop, which will give us backstory for the next two books. Though it’s coming to a point (as work count is) that I might not go into that as deeply as I first wanted to because there’s no need. I don’t have to fill them. But also what will be in their own stories is I put all of them in this book. So instead of doing the whole courting, just need to get them to their first sex, and the courting can be similar to this book for Ben.

It also means I can focus more on Ben even though the other characters can see what Shad’s doing to Ben while starting their own romance. Hm….

Saying this mpreg1 is doing well. I think on a whole the people who will read it will most likely really like it or hate it. I’m not going on the fact that I’m that type of writer (tho I could be, no one has told me either way) but it really depends on what people want out of there mpreg. I’m trying for a level of realism, at least as real as one can get.

All in all I think everything that people have said they missed you will get in spades in book2. Not because you want it, but because it’s needed to forward the series. it’s just needed, but it has helped that you guys want it too. Makes me believe it might not end up as boring as I think it is.

Or mundane I believe is what’s really happening with it.

Next, I’ve been in deep thought about my primary series I’m going to be writing in the second half of next year. I’m not sure if this is something you actually want to know about, but it’s something that’s going to be taking up a big chunk of my life so I might not be able to help myself

A McGee moment is what we are going to call them as I’ll be writing them under then name B McGee (or Bronwyn McGee, I haven’t completely decided).

The run of it is I’m going to be writing 3 different things, or semi different.

The main on is going to be a primary (or middle grade) retellings of fables in the essence of Goosebumps books. These will have no real movement in time, and may even have different characters from each one. It will also allow me to write both very ‘girly’ stories and very ‘boy’ stories in the one series. This is honestly just to make my home life a little easier as my children are coming into the age group and each want their own book.

It will also allow me to bring my love of fables and allow me not only to read as many different versions of the story as I can, but then come up with my own.

Also it seems that the word count on primary age group isn’t all that long. Like I’m looking at 30 or 40K but that isn’t as bad as me having to push out 80K.

I’m also going to fix up two of my teen stories that will also be published under the same name, though they are for teens, one older than the other.

Along with that, if I can find a person to do the graphic’s I’m going to finish off another story I started earlier in my life. It’s an awesome little story that I always saw as a graphic novel, but I’m not sure I can do that, I can however write a short story with the character, which relies heavily on graphics

Then, and this is a “I really want to do it but not sure when or if I’ll be able to pull it off” I have this awesome idea of writing a horror or thriller series that’s starts off as a Goosebumps style and grows older with the kids. This will be an 8 to 10 books series ending in an adult’s thriller.

The biggest problem with this series is the fact that I will have to work this one close to home as I can. The only real way to get it to be real scary at the end or even all the way threw it is to have the emotional tole the children would go through if all this scary stuff kept happening to them.

But think about it. Imagine what that last book would be like, if just say, one of the kids you’ve been reading, you’ve in a way watch grew up, was the bad guy…or if one of them died. Or…anything really. The fact that you know and understand, I think that would help make that last book unbelievably good.

As well as believable because the thing is a person who’s been threw a bad situation often finds themselves in those same type of situation. They can’t help it, mostly because they can’t see the warning signs most of us see.

So that’s basically my week. This one I’m hoping to either have or be getting back edits for Taking A Stand. I’d really like to submit it and we are getting to the end scale of that. Tho I think if I get it back this week it should be able to fix and have it back in edits by the same week. I tend to spend all day on edits, and am really hoping there isn’t a whole lot I have to fix.

Please let me not be that bad that I need a heap of work to do. tho I do know I have to add a few things so it. I took him out of sub zone too much and have to deal with that. It’s a reason I don’t like writing BDSM I have no real working idea of what it’s like. Only what I’ve read, so I am grateful for my editor and the fact that she knows what she’s talking about.

Also I want to finish off m-preg2. I’ve been working on it long enough but it seems like a much bigger project then first set out. I’m still pretty sure it’s going to be boring as bat shit. But those are how everything is falling.

And that’s it I believe. How’s your week?

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