Saturday 12 September 2015


Week 109 is My Sexy Girlfriend Boyfriend

it needed fixing *smiles* 

Paul chuckled as he ran a hand up the other man’s back.
Matt was deliciously naked. Glorious and on all fours, begging for a fucking that would have him pass out. Paul knew this. Hell, he relied on it. Some of the hottest sex and most fun he’d ever come across happened with this man, on this bed, and all without strings. Nothing tying him down, suffocating him.

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

Love Without Knowing It
(November #1)

When everything Paul had ever known turned upside down, suddenly he needs to man up and fight for the love he’s always feared.

Paul’s life was set. He had what he needed and what he was comfortable with. Then a night with one of his regular lovers pulls him into the drama of sickness, love, and death.
In the end, Paul needs to work a few things out first: Is he strong enough to fall in love with a man that may need more than he’s able to give, or will he fall into old habits and run when the relationship gets too complicated?

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  1. Wonderful snippet. Thanks for sharing, Bronwyn! And you don't have to change the can just say that your story doesn't quite fit the theme and here's the theme it does fit. Still, I had a good chuckle.

    Thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday...see you next week!

    1. but i did do that, lol, it's not really like I the theme didn't fit, it was just the wrong sex :P