Saturday 31 October 2015

Haunted House of Manlove Flash Fiction Blog Hop II

I entered this blog hop, unfortunately I have lost all detail, all i know is it was for a 1K Halloween flash fiction. I do however have the other people in this little group, so please read my story and then check out theirs) 

I hope it what they were after and that you enjoy 

“Shut up wankers,” Jessica hissed from somewhere in the darkness, making Hunter and Alex crack up into their hands so it came out muffled.
They were in the haunted house, or haunted school, which is what they had actually pulled off. It was the first time Hunter knew anyone to go this far for Halloween, but then fundraisers were a great way to get people to think up even better stuff, and there was nothing greater the teens wanting to scare the shit out of adults.
That was the thing too, there was multiple levels to this haunted school. One, for the kids, in the main hall, if you were able to find your way to the door on the other side then you’d move to the next level. This gave off a false sense of relief as you walked down the stars and the corridor between the hall and the first block.
Each block, and there were four, was created by a different year and each year gave the level they themselves were. This wasn’t to say a bunch of twelve year old couldn’t scare the crap out of you, but it wasn’t quite on the level six more years add.
Hunter thought what they really should have done was create a One D concert they’d have to navigate.
Seriously, have you ever been to one of those? To be honest, you wouldn’t even have make the concert, just the entrance way, with all the screaming teen girls around would do the job.
Hunter shuddered at the thought. He knew firsthand how scary it was as he’d had to take his little sister and four of her friends to a concert recently. It’s something he hopes he’d never have to experience again.
It didn’t matter what he thought was scary just got a whole bunch of eye rolls. Saying this, those eyes were from girls he was pretty sure had a room better stocked than his sister with the bands bullshit.
“Hunt?” Tom hissed from in the darkness.
They were in year twelve (grade…I’m not sure what you’d all call the last year of high school) and had what was meant to be the scariest part of the “house”. Hunter was pretty sure the only reason they would be was because people would already be shitting themselves. Waiting for worse. For what was to come. Trying to tell themselves they weren’t going to shit when the next thing jumped out at them.
There was only so much you could do without a budget especially with a haunted house idea. They’d done the job well though, really the whole school had. Researching what around the world did and then tried their best to create something similar. It didn’t help that it was summer here and hitting forty degrees and even though it may not be snowing in the top half of the world, it was definitely not this bloody hot for them when they started setting everything up.
Then as they sat and waited, in a dark and dusky filled brick block, with no real air coming in, you had to add another ten degrees.
It wouldn’t surprise Hunter if someone had a heart attack tonight, not from being scared but heat exhaustion.
“Hunt, you fucker, answer me.” Tom again.
“What?” Hunter hissed.
“Jessica wants you to go move in with Johan.”
Hunter groaned softly. Shit balls and fat jokes.
Hunter had a hard enough time being in an open area next to Johan let alone be in a closed dark space while they waited.
“I’ll go,” Alex said from next to him.
“Nah mate, you’re the brains over here, Johan needs Hunter for bait.”
“Bait?” how the fuck could he be bait when no one would see him… oh wait, in Johan’s area that’s exactly what he’d become because his job will be to herd people into the spot where Johan would be drenching them. It was a limited window and the school heads of this project were worried about the water usage even though it rained for two weeks straight last week.
Hunter realised Tom was still talking to him even though he’d figured it all out himself.
“He’s in the back corner right?”
“Yes, where they are heading out.” Tom pointed, Hunter only knew this because the bastard smacked him as he did it.
Did he mention it was dark?
“You staying here with Alex?”
“Yep,” he said.
Hunter nodded and walked his way slowly towards the back cover. It wasn’t like they’d put the lights on again because as Jessica said the house had opened and they needed to add to the reality, even if no one would be at this end for at least another ten minutes if they even made it this far.
God, it was going to be a long arsed fucking night.
“Hey Johan,” Hunter called when he gathered he was close enough.  
“Yeah, where are ya, mate?”
“Here,” he said, shining a torch around himself and Hunter realised he was walking right into Johan.
Yep. There it was, a hot body that smelt the way it always did, probably similar to the way Hunter did as he was that pathetically head over heels for the guy he’d started using the same body wash.
Yeah, lucky enough for Hunter a lot of other guys did too so it wasn’t that blinding obvious to anyone but him.
“There you are,” Johan said his hand coming up around him, making sure Hunter didn’t hit the ground.
They swayed together, almost danced a few steps as Hunter caught his footing and trying to pull away while Johan held on tight.
“What you need from me?” Hunter said as he walked away.
Johan chuckled, their hips and legs shifted as they worked around each other and the darkness.
Hunter’s breath fucked around in his throat. Caught itself all up into a lump.
Heat. So much heat. So different from what it was like around them. It twisted and turned and coated him so he couldn’t feel anything but Johan. God the man was everywhere.
Hunter didn’t know who moved. If it was him who couldn’t deal with the tension anymore, the build-up of lust and hope and want that he’d been carrying for months or if Johan had been the one to brush their lips together. A soft touch. A pause to make sure the other person was on the same page, and then everything changed.
Hunter opened his mouth slightly, his hands gripped tighter onto Johan’s costume. A blow of breath. And then hot tongue.
It was intense. It was everything Hunter had ever thought it would be.
Their thighs rocked together bringing something more to the equations. Hips rocked up, nudging bulge against bulge. Hunter’s body went tight.
Someone called Johan’s name. Hunter wasn’t sure what they’d said, or if it was important. Hell, he couldn’t really think of anything but disappointment that it had ended.
“Fuck. That was hot.
Hunter nodded their nose bumped allowing Johan to know ’hear’ him in the darkness especially since he couldn’t talk yet.
“Should have done it weeks ago.”
“This is pretty perfect.” Hunter breathed out, stealing another brush of lips, before separating from Johan.
“So.” Hunter cleared his throat. “Where’d you want me?”
Johan moaned slightly as his hand ran down Hunters back, stocking his arse.
“Johan? Haunted house?”
“Right.” He cleared his throat as his fingers linked with Hunter’s, tugging him slightly. “Come over here and I’ll show you what I need.”


  1. Very well written! Compelling characters and steamy interactions.
    I was visiting from the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.