Saturday 10 October 2015


Week 113 and it’s All About Sexy

     “You asked?” Schofield shifted his stance, palming Stone’s cock just the way Stone’s liked it and started moving it. The soft grunted moans told him Stone wouldn’t need much.
     “You are a hot fucker,” Schofield muttered to Stone, as he felt the cock in his hands fatten. “Just the feel of you is getting me hard.”
     “Yeah.” Stone smiled that smirk. “I got the same feelin’ ’bout that hand of yours.”
Schofield smiled. “Glad it’s appreciated.”
     “Oh it is,” he panted, his cock throbbing, his stomach muscles contracting as his hips tried to stay still. It wouldn’t be good to let everyone in camp know what they were doing.
      Stone swallowed hard, another sign. His Adam’s apple bobbing made Schofield want to lean in and take it between his lips. He knew Stone liked that. Loved the bobble sucked on as he broke loose.
      A cloth covered his hand, Stone pulling it out of Schofield’s bags before Stone’s breath stopped and his cock jumped, spilling seed onto the fabric.

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A Road Worth Travelling
ARWT part 1

Just a simple scattering of ashes, which turned into a fight for their lives.

All Matt wanted was to be home, mourning the loss of his dad in peace. Instead, he found himself on a seven-day trail ride. At least the scenery was good-looking, and yeah, he wasn’t talking the land, but the two cowboys taking them on this merry ride.

Alas, things never go as you hope when your hope is a couch and smoggy air, so when shit hits the fan, Matt ends up on the run. But can the boys stay alive to see their home again?

This story will be released in full including added information in part 1 sometime mid-2016

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