Tuesday 20 October 2015

Nothing Happened

I’m not really sure what there is to say this week. I haven’t really completed anything this week. Hell I’m not even sure what the hell I did this week but I as we head into the next one I don’t remember anything.

I believe I’m missing April Kelley, more than I thought I would. But hey we chat every day and this week I believe you’ve managed a few works one day.

I have been such debating reading New Moon, really it’s not my favourite and yet my head keeps on telling me to pick it up and read them and when I get myself to actually pick it up I sit staring at the cover and not being able to read it. I do believe that I just have to deal with it and hope that I can either just skim it or skip it all together but it’ll more than likely have to read the whole bloody thing, and did I emotion it not being my favourite?

I did however redo 3 files into the new ones, it took me nearly 2 days to clean them up, and when I say that it means getting rid of the tab’s without losing the italics.

Really I should have been faster if I just put it into a different file and then found the italic’s but apparently that didn’t accrue to me until now.

I also beta read 2 stories, one nearly 50K that took me two days as well and one that was around 15K. I enjoyed both of them and can’t wait for you guy to read them.

I made a few covers, my An Alphas World series now has 4 news covers which means that many more books I have to write in that world. I’m actually looking forward to book 3 and have a picture that is inspiring the hell out of it.

And lastly I got a few other books reads.

Overall I actually had a productive week even if I didn’t really touch that much on what I really wanted to do but then it wasn’t that important because I’m not really onto that half of my career until the end of next year.

Anyway. That’s has been me week, what’s up for this one.

I have to write 9-10K. Well, that’s all up, I believe I’ve already written 3K, but it needs to be finished so April and I can get it into second drafts and then into edits for a mid-late Feb 2016 release.

I also need to do the last read of the Encounter Space series, both books so that when editing of Being That For You is finished I can get them into edits for a 10th of January release. It’ll be interesting to see how you guys like these books, or at least the second one as there is no sex scene.

I also need to start up my m-preg2 but I honestly don’t see that happening this week, tho def next week.

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