Tuesday 27 October 2015

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I did nothing last week again. It’s annoyed me but shit happens and this week is going to be different. I AM finishing the first book on my list it’s 9K that’s 3 3K nights and I’m done. So it’s happening even if I don’t sleep for the effing week

And that’s it, so I thought I’d write up a list of the books in my WIP

The Way Life Turns, co-writing with April Kelley (2.4/10K)
Second Pack of Cameron: Tentative Steps Forward (13.4/25K)
A Road Worth Travelling (13/50K)
Ashes & Roses (0/?)
Second Pack of Cameron: Wolf’s Desperate Mate (0/20K)
An Alphas World: Deep in the Woods (1.2/10K)
Second Pack of Cameron: Something in the Water (0/20K)
Encounter Space: untitled (0/10K)
Second Pack of Cameron: Untitled (0/20K)
Don’t Judge…: No Biggy, It’s Just a Kiss (0/10)

That’s what 205K so…273 days, which is 750 words a day.

Above are the ones on my list, they WILL be written, along with a GRMMRom but I’m not sure if I’m going to be doing it next year. We’ll have to see.

Adding to it I believe me and April are contemplating a co-author series. the SERIES not the individual books, which will mean you’ll get a lot more from her then me, but it’s a when you feel like adding go for it type of series and one that won’t have an end.

It’s a really really cool idea; I can’t wait to start working on it which is when we’ll be fell more comfortable talking about it. Though it’s looking like it won’t hit the shelves until 2017

And that’s it for the next set, I’ll update the list when I’ve finished this one. I have more to add but in July 2016 I’m going to be spending the next 6 months to year working on writing at least 3 primary stories and updating the 4 stories I would love to publish on that side. So it won’t be until those are finished that I’ll be getting back into the MM world. I’m looking forward to it, but honestly just don’t want to get excited.

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