Tuesday 10 November 2015

Busy As A Bee

This week has been pretty simple. I’ve basically done a few last minute things for before I get back into major writings, which I’ll speak of later.

I did the BETA read of April Kelley’s side of our story The Way Life Turns.

I’m worries about this one (I say as I write this out on Sat night) as I feel that one of our MC’s doesn’t line up well enough. But this is learning for us and we have. At least I have
1.      If the first half of the story has already been written then READ it before you start writing. Really, I should have. I really believe I fucked up royally and it’s at a point that I don’t believe I can change it without writing out the story all over again. Or at least the end and I don’t want to. The small things I’m going to HAVE to change is enough.
2.      That even though we are only writing for one MC’s very point it doesn’t mean that we forget the OTHER one. I’m not saying that we didn’t talk about him but we def went more into detail on the POV character and not the one that he loves.
I will give us a little curtesy as I didn’t have him in my story nearly enough for us to need to and yet, yes we really did. Saying this, the character I thought I’d stuff up with I believe I got right.

However I’m hoping as we are doing two different side of the same coin toss. That we can get away with a lot of the info from mine and here. Which means we just need to change the parts that are backstory.

And even those…. I don’t want to say too much, but it’s more like she’s dealing with the straight away moment of a first fight, when I’m dealing with the long turn part which might allow for what I’ve writing. For how they are with each other and for the fact that some of our backstory doesn’t line up perfectly. Because we are seeing it in a different light. We are also using a different person to talk of these parts, so maybe if she just changed a little part of hers I could keep 90% of mine. But then…I could just add….

We will be doing this on Sunday/Monday (hers/mine) over Skype, spend a good amount of time going over the edit parts and how we want to go about this.

Then it’s a last read and into edits. Honestly I’m hoping we’ll be able to spend a good chunk of time on this on Monday in order to really push it all out and get it off the table as both April and I have other books we need to focus on.

NEXT I did last read on Space Encounter 1: My Outside, My Inside & 2: Outside Sanity. I’m glad I did the reading on the first one as there were little things in that that were from the first version and really pulled the second one down. Really made it a bit uncomfortable.

I’m over this though, I’ve decided this will be the last time I change a book. And even though doing this has created a series I’m falling in love with, the idea that I’ve change major parts for reasons that weren’t really real and were at the same time.

Though saying this, even though I have change a feel good about and like I said the series is great I’m really looking forward to getting into it. Like the next book is going to be fun. The fact that I did shows I allow what other think about my books to much and I don’t want to be that type of author. I don’t care if I’m loved or if I never get into the bestselling lists (tho of course I’d love to be). I just want to write what’s in my head and publish it.

On the other hand I do think that my…panic had already been there when this book can out and therefore allowed what others thought to play a bigger part in my life. Because at the end of it all I’ll be changing Moonlit Wolves 1 because of the reviews. Though that’s more about adding more good stuff where I’d taken it out.

ANYWAY with the last read I’m ready to send the file off to my editor Carly, who says she has the time to get them down and hopefully, though I don’t see why not, they should be very ready for release day mid-Jan.

I am still waiting for edits back from Being That For You. It’s looking like this one is going to be a late Nov release. Honestly if it wasn’t for that submission call (still annoyed the pushed the date back on that one). It’s still looking good for a November release, though, so that’s awesome.

ALSO THIS WEEK I came up with another book idea. This one came from reading a book, and yet it doesn’t really have anything to do with it, lol. Not really. It’s going to be a light-hearted paranormal Christmas Story Romance. At least that’s the hope. I am going to write it though Chrissy, however you won’t get it in your ereader until Chrissy next year.

However if you want I’d be happy to blog story it for you. I will write 1-2K a day and post if for you enjoyment. It was a thought though it won’t be edited as that will happen next year.

Anyway, you tell me would you like a Christmas blog story (a as I write it story)???

THIS WEEK I’ll be starting my writing.

I want to finish Second Pack of Cameron 2: Tentative Steps Forward. This one is already stilling at 13K I just need to write in the ending and fill in the start and it’ll be good to go. Honestly I really shouldn’t have stopped writing this one, but I did and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back into it quickly.

Hell, I’ll just read book 1 again and cross my fingers.

The Christmas Story titles: Bring Him Home, which will be between 6-15K

And A Road Worth Travelling which will be my first novel 13/50K

I want to do the Chrissy Story and M-Preg though November and ARWT in Dec. honestly don’t see how it won’t happen, but it is Christmas and this is a stupid time of year as you tend to stress why more than you’d like. Effing adulating.

I am hoping to get all presents this month so that I can spend the next one saving up for the bills that will be coming through.

Anyway. That’s the plan and I want it to happen because if I can get these three stories done then 2016 publish year is complete. However I would really like to write Ashes & Roses in the Dec-Jan school hols, but honestly that’s an unpredictable time in any mother’s life.

So that’s if for me, thanks for sticking round.

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