Tuesday 3 November 2015

That Time Of Week Again

First up I finished the first draft of The Way Life Turns.

The details are:
·         My half came in at 9,666, only I hate around 1K more to write in chapter 2, it wasn’t until today that I remember this fact. Which sucks but I’m going to wait until I get the beta edits back before really getting into it.
·         I have to beta read/edit April’s half which lands at 8,265 though she generally adds more in her second writes, where I take words away, lol
·         She also needs to add an epilogue onto the whole story as I wrote the prologue
·         After we do edits on our own as are going to get together for a full read of the whole story. which should be happening at the end of the week if things go well.
·         Then we’ll send it out to our other beta readers because we can’t be fill judge of these things, we are both way to close.
·         Then it’s off to edits. And because I’m done and April’s done and we should be into edits before mid-November then it’s extremely likely for all to be getting your hands on in in February 2016

Also this week it’s all about organising myself, getting rid of the little things that have piled up while I was writing.
·         Last read though of Encounter Space book 1 and 2

Book 1 probably isn’t that important as it’s at the point that I don’t expect a lot of changes when it goes into editing and to be quite honest I’m still debating whether to spend the money or to just get a proof-reader. It’s going to be free no matter what so and I just don’t have the money. However, I’d like to get them both done. It’ll really depend on what happens with my royalties in November as to get these stories out by January 2016 they need to go into edits next week. I would really like to get these in and done just incase my editor plans on taking a holiday, but we’ll have to see what happens. Really December probably isn’t a busy time for editors as people should have all there Dec books though editing by the end of Nov.

That isn’t to say people won’t have, but I’m hoping.

This panic is another reason I want to be a year ahead of myself in writing. I don’t like that I rush and because of one book needing to be pushed forward when it wasn’t necessary was horrible for my schedule. However I like that it’s completely ready even if I want people to be reading it now. lol.

·         Last read How to Format ebooks

I’ve also started re-reading one of my older stories. if you’ve been following me from the start you might have heard of it before. Life Just Sucks that Way. it’s not as horrible as I thought, though there will need to be some major re-writes or re-structures because I know more new then I did before. But honestly with most of this Old School readings I’m just seeing if they are worth it. If they need a full re-write or a complete overhaul or put back into the dusty boxes.

And that’s my week, hope yours isn’t as busy

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