Tuesday 15 December 2015

Publishing 2016

Today my last book of 2015 is being released. Yay. And all I’m able to think about is what I’m going to be publishing next year. I have 4 books already written and 2 in editing as we speak.

So here’s the plan for next year. I’ve still got to write at least 2 books, but want to get 3 or 4 out. Which pushes my quota but one of those books was meant to come out this year and I just…well feel it will be pushed under all the Christmas releases and being as it’s not a Christmas story it will work just as well being pushing to next year.

Anyway, publishing this year, though please allow slight changes in dates (tho I’m hoping that won’t happen)
11/Jan – Encounter Space 2: Outside Sanity – IN EDITS
Alongside this My Inside My Outside 2nd edition

17/Feb – The Way Life Turns with April Kelley – IN SELF EDITS

??? Second Pack of Cameron 2: Tentative Steps Forward – 13/25K
I can’t give dates or anything as I don’t have any power in that

?/May – A Road Worth Travelling (in full) – 13/50K

4/Aug Being That For You – IN EDITS
This was meant to come out this year but didn’t


7/Oct – An Alphas World 1: Taking A Stand – READY ǀ WAITING 
I’m hoping to get into a Charity Anthology with this one, but either way I’m not going to be publishing any later then what I have but the date might change to allow for it to be closer to the 6 month mark.

?/Dec – Christmas At Home – NOT WRITTEN

And you see more books then I planned. Though saying this I’m pushing Being that For You into this year so I’m not really counting it.

I’d also like to write another Second Pack of Cameron book but it’ll depend on how things go, but honestly I’m hoping I can get onto a big kick and write the last 4 and then that will probably be it for that series, at least for now.
I’m being good with this series and trying my hardest not to add any more books to the series, but I’m only on book one, so…

I also might like to write another GR Romance freebie, but something happened in that, and though I only know from one person what they are saying isn’t making me want to endorse the group.
Honestly I think that one will also depend on the story I can get and what I’m doing at that time in my life. If I have the time or not. And really I should be fine as I’m writing for the following year. Only I have 10 books that need to be written in 2016 and that’s not counting the 2.5 I still need to write from this one….
[ADD ON: this prob wont be happening, not just because of above, but because I'm going to be involved in another charity event which will take up a lot of my time - you'll learn more soon]

And that’s it for this week – Christmas is in next week, the first week of school hols, and well Christmas so….we’ll see what happens.
Thanks for sticking round. Hope to see you next year.

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