Thursday 28 January 2016

52 Weeks of Acknowledging Me

This ones coming a lot quicker then I planned, mostly because I just found myself talking to family about this plan and finding myself pondering it so I thought, well why not talk about things now.

I’d also like to say I’m going to just talk about the big things that changed my life for the better. it might not seem that way a lot of the times, but everything that I’ve putting up here is about what I considered a turning point but more so something I’m proud of or, well, changed me.

The 10 Year Plan

The other day I found myself talking to my in-laws about what my 10 year plan was and I found myself justifying it.

No that’s not right, it was more trying to resay what I was saying. Justifying how I’d said it. and I’m not in any way saying it was to them I’ve had thing problem, but the last of the many times I’ve spoken of my plan and ending up not really saying what it was. Or not saying it in a way that will stop people scrunching up there nose at me.

The reason I’ve got a ten year plan where most people wouldn’t think of such a thing, wouldn’t have such a goal is because of children and depression.

I’ve mention this before though I think I’ll say it again because it’s important to the whole suture of what I’m saying, but I was 19 when I feel pregnant, hell, if I think on it, and probably do some maths, I hadn’t even hit my 19th birthday when I did the test and found out that I was.

I’ll preface this by saying I was of the oldest out of my friends, and therefore spend the first 6 months of my 18th not doing legal things (as in Australia we are legally allowed to drink by said age). I had 5 months between when my best friend at the time turned 18 and I became pregnant.

More so children were never the plan. I never wanted to be a mother. Didn’t care for children any more then I cared for animals. They were just what other people wanted, never me. And I ended up young and pregnant and well the start of me being a mum.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy now and I’m liking this life just as much as I’d like the other life I wanted to live, but the way I see it, the way I talk to people about it is like being a mum is a struggle I can’t wait to get out from under.

Which I can’t. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough that they don’t need me for most of their daily life. I can’t wait until they don’t need me for more than a weekly phone call when I can get away from the life of children and having people who care where the hell I am ever second of the day when they are in a place they should be able to see me.

I love my kids, I’m glad I had them, but my thoughts on children are still the same. Other than my own and my brothers (and sisters when I get them) children are just …

So in order to be able to do everything I want to do, like go to America in my 40th year, pick up April and head around the USA for a while then I have to have a plan set in. and being as the year I turn 40 my son would have turned 20 and my daughter 18, it can happen if I have the money. So I have my plan, which entails me making my company something.

So my plan is quite simple.

Create a backlist for Bronwyn Heeley
Create a backlist for McGee
Go to TAFE and get a small business degree
Starting learning more about the underbelly of publishing.

And walla, easy, right (yeah I’m laughing too). At the end of the day I think other than bookkeeping I would do really well with a publishing business. I understand the important of blogs and promoting, I’m even much better at it when I’m not publishing my own stuff. I love formatting, I can create good enough looking cover art. I can create a blog tour. I can create the things needed for that (not the videos but I shy away from those more from copyright reasons than anything else. If it’s fan art video that’s one thing but a publisher’s one).

I can do the underside, tho i wish to learn more, and always will

I understand contracts enough, though I have only had to deal with one.

I…understand a lot more then I think I do. I research a lot and when I started getting into this business I did it even more.

I know what I have strength with. I know what I don’t and that what I’m not strong with I know or have people who can do it all from me.

The things is I always had this plan when I started writing. Not so much the whole company thing, but the idea that I would create me as a business, not only for self-pubbing but for me teaching others about what they’re getting into.

This part came because I went to an event that was horrible and touch me nothing and everyone was eating it up. It was sad, because he was standing in the stage and telling everyone that he just went through the steps and then went through them. This didn’t teach anyone anything they didn’t or couldn’t work out for themselves, and so I want and still do want to start up an event where I teach or tell people what I know. What I’ve been through and even have a pamphlet or a file or something that gives people some links to sites that will help them with things that I couldn’t do.

I’d like to have it much more about us talking them about everyone sitting in a dark room listen to my voice. I feel it’s more important to have the actually questions that people need answered, answered rather than me just telling you what it was like for me.

I have the facts that I actually KNOW what I’m talking about. I really do. I might not be the most confident person but I know what the hell I’m talking about. I know these things. I’ve spoken to multiple people about these things and what I didn’t know I looked up. I know a lot of simple, first timer facts that everyone should know. At least in the ebook publishing. I know what I’m talking about even if I don’t put a lot of it into practice. And as I’m talking about this I’m thinking I should go and see about doing or starting events, as I can start them up for free and see them make them for money. But I don’t know. I don’t know what other types they have and if others talk about it all anyway. Would I be any help?

And see the doubt.

Anyway, my ten year plan as I talk about it is normally told in that I’m free of my family, but its not true as I’m not going to be free, not in any sense because I’ll always have my kids. And I’ll always be there for them. I just, the hope anyway, if when the next 10 years is over I’ll be in possession where I’m able to hop on a plane and be gone on a few months out of a year.

I want to be in a place where I can do all the things I wanted to do as a teenager, but honestly will be able to have a better time at it, because, well, money.

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