Friday 15 January 2016

A BonyDee Challenge, part 1

The Challenge

Basically, BonyDee Press had created a challenge that April and I are a part of and here’s my take on coming up with the idea.

One night April and I were chatting, like we do almost every night. I can’t remember anymore how it came up, but it did. I think it had a lot to do with me starting to write YA and going through all my old manuscripts.

You see, I saw this book once it was an accordion book, it was one story written two ways, a female MC on one side, the you flipped it and read it the other way and it was the male MC. And I loved it. I even had an idea straight away, “what if it was about cheating” but more…what if both side were written by two different authors. Only I didn’t know any back then and so it sat in a thought bubble in the back of my mind until this day.

If you’ve read April’s post first you’ll understand how the conversation actually went, but that doesn’t matter, what mattered was that we got pumped, this idea, sparked with us both and so we had to write it out.

And hey if it gave us an idea of how co-writing a book would turn out then that was even better.

Sadly its’ shown that other than these types of things, or if we wanted to write a massive fantasy were she’s a human and I’m a dragon, our writing styles are way too different for us to ever be able to write a book together (I have the same feeling with NJ too, which is truly saddening to me). On the plus side when we do our next one (which is already in the making you’ll get a much longer run up of it as we’ll know what we are doing from the start).

I’m so excited for it. I’m excited about the topic, though its cheating so I know straight away not everyone’s going to read it, but I think it works. I think it’s cheating only in the mind of Jonah in a way that you’ll understand. They weren’t officially dating, and I know, but still, if we lose readers for this one it’s better to know that now than when you read it, right.

I love April’s version, I love my own, I think they work well together and separately. For those of you who don’t like reading the same thing over, you don’t have to worry she’s writing the time straight after the event I’m two months later. We’ve even made sure not to add similar events into our stories. Tho, in saying this, it was entirely accidental. As I’d not read hers when I wrote mine. Though afterwards there was no adding or subtracting scenes to get them having the same things.

Anyway, hope I perked our interest and not ruined any chances of you reading it *uncomfortable chuckle*, you should def go see what April has to say, now, before I make it worse.

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