Friday 22 January 2016

A BonyDee Challenge, part 2

The Cast

Basically, BonyDee Press had created a challenge that April and I are a part of and here’s my take on coming up with the idea.

I remember, it was either just after I finished writing my own or I finished reading April’s book that I turned to her and said “these characters are really awful people”.

That’s how I see them. They aren’t nice, both the MC and the sister are quite self-centred people.

I don’t say this to discourage you in reading our stories, just giving you an idea of how I viewed the two main cast members and how I used them and worked them into at least one them a loveable enough character that you’d want to read about him.

Jonah is… he’s got so much love in his head. He’s a little arrogant and clearly only thinks about himself, and what is hurting him. And how it’s not his fault. And if you think about it, isn’t the true for us all. Isn’t that how we all are, until something happens and we are forced to take a breath to realise things beyond what we are feeling in our hearts and focus on what the real issue is. And it’s only then that we are able to loosen the pain and maybe make things work.

My story is about that part, about Jonah hitting rock bottom and having to deal with what’s really the matter, what’s really being said and not said.

Scott is the love of his life, only Scott has issues of his own, which makes things a little more complicated, only he’s blaming himself too. He’s allowing Jonah to push everything on him, and he’s accepting that.

His sister is one line in my story, and I am pleased with how she turned out, I think out of all our characters April and I got her pretty much on line.

Vince is much more a part of my story then April’s he’s a key element as a best mate and a reason for Jonah to start seeing things as they are and not as it is inside his head. He’s the shame.

The facts are, April and I…well we never saw this as a challenge when we started out, it just became that way, mostly because I refused to read her story before I wrote mine. We did however chat about all the characters, trying our best to line them up. But the thing is each person seeing another person in a different light and it’s hard to tell what one’s going to point at and what the other is. And that’s what this book is showing us. That even hours of chats and discussions about the characters what April saw and what I saw where 4 very different people.

Now if you’ve not read April’s yet go over and check out what her thoughts on the characters is.

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