Wednesday 6 January 2016

Guest J. Johanis with Dream God

Why Dark Erotica?

I originally considered myself a fantasy writer, but after being called “royalty when it comes to dark erotica,” and “the queen of non-con,” I’ve come to the realization that M/M Dark Erotica is my main genre. Due to this realization and since I’ve had some readers ask me what inspires me to write dark erotica, I decided to make the topic of my post. The simple answer is that when I sit down to write, dark things are what always tend to fill my mind. So themes with a lot of angst are just what come naturally to me.

As for erotica, my first published book was dark, but not necessarily erotica. I started showing the sex scenes due to reader request and since it seemed to fit my themes. So, beginning with Claimed by the Order, I included graphic sex in the story. As a result of making this change, my work has been banned by several retailers. However, since my goal is to publish to the widest network possible, I tend to ride the line with content to assure it will be accepted on the main retail sites. One day, I plan on writing a banned book, but for now I am invested in finishing my two series. I recently published Dream God, which is book two in the S-God’s Series, and I’m currently writing Slash Op, which is the sequel to Drago Star and the second novella in my Toy Soldier Series.

Dream God by J. Johanis
(s-Gods #2)
Publish 30 November 2015
185 pages
Fantasy Dark Erotic Romance

For the first time in three years, Aya is finally free, but with his freedom comes the pain of all he’s lost. Seeing Akad and Marduk together makes him realize how badly he has messed up. By betraying Marduk, he ruined his chance with the one god he desires more than anything.

Aya needs time to heal and put his world back together, but the trial against the Order looms over him. As the trial begins, Akad, Marduk, and Aya are ensnared in a web of jealousy, backstabbing, and cut-throat politics. Were they crazy to think they could stand up to the Order? If the gods of the Order can still rip their lives apart, their chances of receiving justice may be next to impossible. But if they fail to bring the Order down, Aya may never truly be free.

Content Advisory: Graphic violence, abuse, & dub-con.


Others in the Series
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J. Johanis writes dark M/M erotic fantasy and enjoys plots that are historical or myth-based.

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