Tuesday 19 January 2016

In Thought

Didn’t get as much done this week as I was planning. Mostly because the start of the week was out due to mass sunburn and the end due to in-laws being here. I did however get editing done on My Outside My Inside as well as The Way Life Turns, which has ended with both in final proof edits. And with us realising my editor Carly’s didn’t end up sending me the final copy of Outside Sanity (which was due to equipment failure). Which caused a bit of panic on my end that settled with me just pushing back release date to the 26th of January.

And I say a bit of panic, was me going “shit, I forgot I’m doing a tour and shit I’ve got no links…can’t have a book without links…but…shit. Huh. Oh well, what if I make my books release on the Australia Day and that way both of them will be ready on time…yeah that better” – and walla.

I did the tour dates, you’ll find all that starting on the 20th and the main blog post can be found here

Outside Sanity is up for pre-sale, even with everything we know from above, but it’s there, waiting, you can find it here or here or here, depending on which store you wish to buy it from.

I’m in deep thoughts ain writing, my future. It’s a sad thought but one I’ve been avoiding for the most part for the last year. This means a few things in this year’s line-up may or may not change. As well as a few people being annoyed at me, as…but I’m at the end of it. I’m at the point where I can’t focus on the readers to make this decision anymore, I need to think of myself, my writing and facts.

Facts are I’m not sure I’m truly suited for any company. My writing style, even when I first started, was on the cusp of any house rules, and even step that I have gone to become better I have stepped further outside the house rules.

As I see it I should be writing 1st POV whereas I write 3rd. which is a no no, and a reason some people will never like my stories. I’m plot driven and writing in the wrong style, lol

i say it this way because I write to close to the front of the head, like you would in 1st person. This is not saying that I CANT published in 1st person with them, or you can’t, because you can, I just don’t write 1st – I write 3rd.

I say I should, that house rules say I can’t, isn’t saying anything that EVERY published house would say. What the whole GRAMMA guide says is a no no. there is a set standard in how you write 1st person and how you write 3rd person and I don’t do either.

I am already finding that they change too much of my style in order to make it fit their house rules, which isn’t a bad thing, and completely understandable. Only as I grew as a writer I stopped doing certain things they say are a must, so for me I feel it ruins some of the flow, some of my style.

In other words I have to decide whether to write e true to myself or to change my writing in order to fit in better and make things easier for me. I have to deal with the facts that I don't fit in with companies (which has been proven again and again, unfortunately). I like my writing style but having that stubbon thought in my head isn't really helpful if I want to see myself as a company - as a business.

So clearly, I’m of a mind but I have to look into it, deal with the facts and really think about what it means for me, and the next couple of years. What I should do, and I need to think that way for me as an author who is growing as a writer. As well as a business state of things and not that I really want to write said books. it’s hard thinking's.   

So this week I’m in thought. I’m beta reading 2 books, and looking forward to both (one will be done before you read this) and in more thought.

So that’s it for me, what about you? what are your plans?

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