Monday 4 January 2016

Moonlit Escapades

Last week I went onto GR and realised that Moonlit Wolves 7.5 had NOT reviews on it. It took me a post on FB to realise the reason was because no one knew it was even out. Which lead to another post and a whole lot of love that had made me giddy. Really, I’m so thankful and overwhelmed.

Here are the dates and links to all the places I’ll be and I hope you find something you’d like, if not just with this book but the series as a whole.

4/JAN – Andrew Jericho
5/JAN – Multitaskingmomma
6/Jan – LJ Harris
6/JAN – Sessha Batto
7/JAN – Helena Stone
8/JAN – April Kelley
9/JAN – Louise Lyons
10/JAN – Chris McHart
11/JAN – Lexi Ander
15/JAN – The Novel Approach
Lisa Worrall
Jana Denardo

**will get updated as I get the links

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