Tuesday 12 January 2016

Moving Along

“The cold woke him. Mike wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t especially frigid, it was the type of chill you experienced while sleeping in an air-conditioned room without a blanket. It probably wasn’t even the temperature that shook him awake, but the fact that it was a different sort of chill than anything he’d ever felt before.”
WIP, 2nd edition My Outside My Inside

This weekend I sent back edits on My Outside My Inside, this one is cleaned up completely but other than a bit added to help tie the series up better. I’m hoping to have them both back by the end of the week, or at least book 2, I’m not so worried about the first one, really it’s a re-release and is mostly being done, because one it needed it, but two I want to make them a bundle and put them into KU. However, I’m not sure if that’s allowed…I’ll have to read them up and see.

I’m also working on the tour post for the Encounter Space series, which starts up on the 20th – so I need to get cracking as I haven’t even done the graphic’s for it.

I also doing a last read/beta edits on The Way Life Turns which will be going to April to do the same thing and then start full edits. We are also getting the promo of this set up this week so it’s just about scheduling and promoting. I’m getting excited about this one again.

And if I have time left over, though I doubt it, I’ll be starting on Second Pack of Cameron: Tentative Steps Forward, as I really want to get to that, but I’m at the point of trying to get everything else organised before I get lost in the story.

Though saying that I’ll need to get some of the promo stuff for The Way Life Turns if we are going to take it on a tour or not. Have to ask April, see what she says.

Well that’s it for me this week, what’s you’re looking like?

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