Thursday 11 February 2016

52 weeks of Acknowledging Me

Last weekend I was sick. A head cold, horrible thing that’s has lasted since the 20th of January. It’s one of those out of your hands things that make it doesn’t allow you to see the better side because you’re wallowing in your sickness.

Okay, so maybe while I was writing this I was still in the side effects of being sick.

It’s been weird actually, my sickness’ ever since I got out of the hospital with the side effects of Swine Flu I tend to have a week of being sleepy and then the weekend hits and I get the full on fever, aches, sickness. This last 3 days and then I’m better.

I find that its weird.

Guess I should talk about that, it’s a long drawn out explanation, I guess, though from the moment it started to when I got completely off the meds was only about 6 months.

The long story, below:

In 2009 (believe, July too) I got swine flu. It was nasty and ended up with me losing 10 kilos in a week, and looking like a druggo without the track marks. I was grey and smelt like sickness. I lost my kids once as I fell asleep or passed out and they ended up learning how to open the front door. That was a scary moment as I ran around the house call their name, only to collapse on the front lawn, nearly passing out.

Lucky for me and my children a lady down the road saw them and knew where they came from and brought them back as I’d have probably been hospitalised just from the panic (my son was 3.5 and my daughter not quite 2).

I ended up at the doctors when my parents came home (they’d been on holidays) and took one look at me and I ended up at the doctors who shipped me to the hospital who had me on fluid’s man I felt a hell of a lot better.

I got a specialist and my kidneys collapsed and was transferred to bigger hospital who treated me like I had fluid in my lungs, when in fact I didn’t. I guess I should say my at the first hospital they knew I had a lung full of fluid and a splash in the other.

However it wasn’t IN my lung but outside which took them nearly a week to learn which by that time the lung surgeon was on holiday so I was transferred to another hospital to get my lung cavity scrapped.  

That done and a few days later I was home with some nice tube hanging out my chest.

A week after that I was back at the doctors in agony and after he had a listen I was shipped back up to the first hospital who X-rayed my chest and started feeding me morphine.

I think I need to add that from the first time I went into hospital my heartbeat didn’t drop below 110 and every time it spiked to 120 I had an ECG, but everything was fine. I was also already on 2 of the biggest drugs they can give you without it being morphine plus normal painkillers. And I was take this lovely handful every 3 hours and still ended up in agony before the hour mark came.

The X-ray was put up to my left and it shows nearly 2 perfectly white lung shapes … so I had a lady sand at the end of my bed as I was shipped back down to the bigger hospital where I spend another week or so having my lungs drained again.

The first time I went to the pain clinic and they told me they wouldn’t even think about weeding me off the drugs I was on for 5 years. The time after (2 weeks later) I was in a bra again, and having my last visit. April the following year I had stopped taking the highest over the counter drug. I still get pain when I think about it, like now, and when it gets to cold, or the temp drops too suddenly, but just adding another layer helps.

And honestly it’s just adding to the pain I get from when I hurt myself at work (when I use to actually work). Which happens to be very common among teenage boys, and check out personnel, which is what I was. but the humour helped me when I was 18 and not able to lift my arm over my head, or to elbow height).

And that’s was a quick flash over the only time I was in a hospital other than to have my children.

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