Friday 12 February 2016

Blog Hop: LGBT Valentine's Day

Welcome to the LGBT Valentine's Day blog hop!
We're celebrating the messy, inspiring, frustrating, healing thing that is love with a great big giveaway.

Sadness Bringing Happiness

I have written a book, surprisingly enough, that is about misunderstandings in a way when being in love isn’t enough. The thing is many different people have different ways of showing love. We all know this. Wouldn’t it be boring if it was all the same.

The Way Life Turns the book that is up for a prize alone with coming out next Friday. Starts with sadness, in the event of on MC cheating. And I know, it’s already made a lot of you turn away, I get it, sometimes these things are a little too close.

I want to state that this cheating event happen after the first couple of weeks and was created because they didn’t communicate with each other. Technically, they weren’t an item even if the MC saw it that way. This book is how 2 different authors took that thought and created a conclusion.

My Story is about the deeper meaning of the cheating, why did it happen? The facts that he needed closure because no matter what he could get over and why he couldn’t, what happened, what was it all about that made this possible in the first place.

Either way I think the book fits this hop nicely as they have a messy somewhat frustrating story that heals the MC and makes him realise things need to actually be said even if you think you’ve communicated them well enough without words.

Onto The Giveaway

We have some great prizes for you this year:
$30 Amazon Gift Card
Winner's choice of any ebook by Lynley Wayne
Winner's choice of any book in Jessie G's Sizzling Miami or Devils Pride Series
Winner's choice of any ebook by by Stephen del Mar
eBook copy of Lights Out Valentine by Neil Plakcy
eBook copy of The Harvest: Taken by M.A. Church
eBook copy of A Knight to Remember by Anne Barwell
eBook copy of Gray and Harrison by Tracey Steinbach
eBook copy of The Way Life Turns by April Kelley & Bronwyn Heeley
eBook copy of Rustic Melody by Nic Starr
eBook copy of 6 Days to Valentine by LE Franks
eBook copy of Brotherly Love: A Dirty Dames Anthology (Stepbrother Romance) by Verity James & Cassie Donoghue
eBook copy of Rhythm and Blue by DP Denman

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  1. Thank you for the interesting post. I've added it to my wishlist. Thank you for taking part in the hop =)

  2. I think the book sounds interesting. Have to add it to my wishlist :)

  3. A quiet dinner at home and cuddling after dessert!